Amazon Black Friday Headphones Deals 2016

Amazon Black Friday Headphones Deals 2016 Sennheiser Urbanite XL Wireless

Black Friday is next week and if you’re like me you are going to be out of commission thanks turkey tryptophan. In that case, snag super Black Friday savings online with our Amazon Black Friday Headphones Deals 2016 list. Trust, when I say there are some astounding savings to be had and we’ve got them all listed below. P.S. You can actually grab these products at a discount rate at the links below, right MEOW!¬†*I will continue to update this Amazon Black Friday Headphones Deals 2016 list as I stumble upon more discounts!

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Amazon Black Friday Headphones Deals 2016

BOSE SoundTrue Around-Ear II

Black Friday Headphones BOSE SoundTrue

BOSE SoundTrue around-ear headphones are can be snatched up for $89.99 rather than the MSRP of $99.95. These cans are known for providing sound signature in a memory foam padded frame that is also lightweight.

BOSE QuietComfort 20

Black Friday Headphones BOSE QuietComfort 20

If you are in need of an active noise cancelling headset, look no further than Bose. TBH, this company is one of the best in the ANC game. The QuietComfort 20 is an in-ear model for those who want something really lightweight while on-the-go. The buds are equipped with sports fins to hook the earbuds securely in your ears. ANC puts your environment on mute while you get to focus on your music. FYI, Bose errs to a bassier, warm sound signature. Bose also makes an over-ear model that is both wired (QC25) and wireless (QC35). Amazon Black Friday headphones deals includes Bose QuietComfort 20 at a price tag of $199 instead of $249.

BOSE SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Amazon Black Friday Headphones Deals 2016 Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker

When you’re looking to share the booming sound of Bose with others, rely on the SoundLink Mini Bluetooth speaker. It packs the volume and bass in an easy, portable case. The speaker is normally $199, but is currently retailing on both Amazon for $179.

Sennheiser Urbanite XL Wireless

Amazon Black Friday Headphones Deals 2016 Sennheiser Urbanite XL Wireless

If you love crystal clear mids and highs with a natural and present bass line, get Sennheiser Urbanite XL Wireless. This headphone boasts 25 hours of battery life in a comfortable frame. The ear cushions are quite soft  is basically irresistible when paired with a price tag lowered from $299.99 to $149.95.

Sony MDR-7506

Amazon Black Friday Headphones Deals 2016 Sony MDR-7506

This Sony headphone is a closed-back can that makes a great studio companion as this headphones possess stellar sound isolation while delivering deep bass with low distortion. The coiled cable and quarter-inch adapter ensure this pair of headphones can be within your various music interfaces. Snag the Sony MDR-7506 for $79.99 instead of their regular retail price of $99.99.

Jaybird X2

Amazon Black Friday Headphones Deals 2016 Jaybird X2

If you need a sport-based wireless headphones that can bring on the bass, look to the Jaybird X2s. These headphones are that and more. Shipped with additional sports ear fins and Comply foam tips, users are able to ensure a secure fit. The neckband includes an in-line mic and remote so users can easily control their music and take calls without reaching for their phone. P.S. The only real differences we’ve noted this far regarding the X3s are a slimmer profile. We have yet to hear the X3s, but we can promise a quality listening experience with the much cheaper Jaybird X2s– retailing at $79.99 instead of $149.99.

Klipsch KG-200

Amazon Black Friday Headphones Deals 2016 Klipsch KG-200

Gamers, if you need an affordable gaming headset to get you by before investing in a much more expensive model, Klipsch KG-200 may be a good fit. The headphones feature padded ear cups and an attached noise-filtering boom mic that is both adjustable and detachable.¬†The left ear cup is mounted with controls to easily and quickly adjust the chat volume, game audio, mic monitor, and even the EQ (settings: fidelity, combat, stealth, sport). Though, be wary that some previous users have complained of a hiss in the background and incompatibility with Xbox ONE. TBH, if you don’t own Xbox ONE, the price tag of $39.99 instead of $129.99 might be worth it for the Klipsch KG-200.

MEE Audio X7 Plus

Amazon Black Friday Headphones Deals 2016 MEE Audio X7 Plus

Another wireless headphone¬†that makes for a great workout companion is MEE Audio’s X7 Plus. The earbuds are shaped to nestle themselves securely and comfortable in the conch of your outer ear and hook over the back. The headphones are sweat resistant. The neckband features an in-line mic and controller for music and calls. Using Bluetooth 4.1 the headphones are able to communicate with your cellphone up to 30 feet away while you get your work out on a 7.5 hour battery life. Snag MEE Audio X7 Plus¬†for $59.99 instead of $99.99.

Koss Porta Pro Classic

Amazon Black Friday Headphones Deals 2016 Koss Porta Pro Classic

Ah, yes everyone’s favorite retro-fit headphones with supreme, modern sound. Koss’s Porta Pro Classics are collapsible, adjustable, and very light on the head with a plastic frame paired with aluminum sliders. The ear cushions are made of soft foam. When it comes to sound the low end isn’t super boomy, but still impactful. There is a difference! The mids are lush while the highs are rich and salient. Koss Porta Pro Classics¬†are currently retailing at $28.99 instead of $49.99.

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