[Updated] Amazon Prime Day 2018 Date, Deals, Details, Vendors

Amazon Prime Day 2018 Date, Deals, Details, Vendors
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If you aren’t part of Amazon’s recent ban of customers with excessive returns, you’re able to participate in one of the most celebrated shopping holidays — okay maybe I’m getting ahead of myself, but it is an exciting day for online shoppers. It’s Black Friday (or the Cyber Monday) of July. Get all the info on “Amazon Prime Day 2018 Date, Deals, Details” here.

Amazon Prime Day 2018 Date, Deals, Details, Vendors

Amazon Prime Day 2018 offers one-day-only global shopping exclusively for Prime members. With thousands of amazing deals worldwide, members get exclusive access to the BIGGEST discounts on items in nearly every product category, including headphones, DACs, amplifiers, speakers – get my drift!

[Updated] Date: The date has been announced (sort of) and it is July 16th, a week later than I expected, but that just means you have a week’s more worth of money to spend on Prime day, lol! The date was accidentally leaked in the UK on the Amazon UK site saying Amazon Prime Day would run for 36 hours beginning July 16th.

Last year (Amazon Prime Day 2017), the big time shopping extravaganza took place on Tuesday, July 11th. The year before that it took place on Tuesday, July 12th. Are you seeing the pattern? Prime Day seems to take place every second Tuesday in the month of July. The exception being in 2015 when it was on Wednesday, July 15th in 2015. So this year, 2018, I’m thinking July 10th. The date is in fact TBD, but we will clarify once we have confirmation.

Amazon Prime Day sounds like a 24-hour event, but last year, customer’s were able to begin shopping a few hours early extending the event to 30 hours. We will update this page as soon as we have more info on the exact time the event begins, so be sure to check back.

What Else: Before Amazon Prime Day, there are Amazon Lead-Up Days. These days are obviously the days leading up to the big event. They are quite special because they feature their own special deals and daily discounts. It’s an online shopper’s dream.

For Vendors/Merchants: Last year, Prime Day may not have been as exciting for sellers as it were for customers. Last year, merchants were required to apply and hope to get selected among the reported 2 million plus other merchants on the e-commerce site. Tough competition! Once selected, those merchants had to pay $500 and discount their items by at least 20 percent for the big day. But I’m assuming it was well worth it when you’ve got Amazon’s estimated number of 65 million (80 million global) Prime members possibly shopping your catalog, right?

Deals: As for the discounts, they’ll all be listed here.

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