Ankbit E600Pro Review

Ankbit E600Pro Review

It has been a while since I’ve reviewed a pair of wireless headphones at this price. The Ankbit E600Pro is a pair of budget Bluetooth headphones, only costing $66.59 as of right now. You might have seen these headphones while scrolling through Amazon, as they have good ratings and a lot of positive customer reviews. This has gained the brand a fair bit of popularity, so I’ve been eager to see what they’re all about.

Ankbit E600Pro items

What You Get

  • 1 * Ankbit E600Pro Bluetooth Headphones
  • 1 * USB to Type C Charging Cable
  • 1* 3.5mm to Type C Audio Cable
  • 1 * Carry Bag
  • 1 * User Manual

Ankbit E600Pro headband

Look and Feel

This is probably one of the best builds for a pair of wireless headphones in its price range. It is an all-black design comprised of hard plastic but has a solid frame and stylish gold rings holding up the headband. What it all culminates in is a classy construction that makes me think that this is what Sony’s 1000x series should aim to look like. The earpads and headband are also very soft, with ear cups that are big enough to encompass my entire ear, while small enough to feel snug and supportive.

Ankbit E600Pro above

Design and Functionality

Inside the E600Pro is a 40mm dynamic driver. It can output a big sound but doesn’t leave much headroom for volume adjustment. For ANC, the E600Pro comprises 5 mics and 2 noise-reduction chips. The result is a level of noise-canceling that I expect for the price. It doesn’t feel that strong, but it does its job well enough. There is no environmental sound mode, and there is no app with extra features like EQ. You also won’t see any touch controls associated with its functionality. The buttons that are on the headphone’s side panel are very responsive though and make up for the headphones’ simplicity.


The E600Pro supports Bluetooth version 5.1 and has a multipoint connection. For CODECs, the E600Pro will give you the options of AAC, aptX, and aptX HD. It has fast pairing and a stable connection throughout many hours of listening.

Battery Life

With its battery life, the E600Pro has something to prove. It advertises a huge 80-hour battery life with ANC off, and 45 hours with ANC on. This is a shocking amount of playtime for any headphones, even ones that are at the high end of the market.

Ankbit E600Pro side


Over-ear wireless headphones in this price range don’t tend to have wide or even well-separated soundstages. I don’t think the E600Pro goes too out of its way to change that notion, but it is still an admirable presentation. You don’t get the width of the music, but you do get its scale. Almost every track appears tall in the mix, with the positioning of instruments better articulated than most budget wireless headphones. Here you get the proper height of your music, with enough of an inward sound field to communicate immersive spatial imaging. However, the stereo field is still a bit of a setback. It’s not just a lack of width, it’s the sound elements congealing toward the middle of the mix on most tracks. The effect is less egregious than most headphones in this price range though.

Low End

The main focus of the E600Pro is its bass response. Most of the excitement and large tones come from this range of frequencies. There is a consistent body to them that is easy to be gripped by. It establishes a strong foundation for the sound signature, and never oversteps its boundaries. You get a smooth timbre that feels deep, with a clear display of sub-bass and mid-bass harmony. They resonate on equal levels, delivering great punch and impact to the mix. In terms of transient response, the lows take their time. Their attack isn’t very quick or snappy, but still enriches the tone as a whole.


With the mids, there is one great characteristic to it, but the rest of its response is underwhelming. Starting off with the good, vocal frequencies have a great force to them. Their transparency drives them forward in the sound signature, and they protrude outward for a more lively performance. In comparison, the rest of the midrange just isn’t very clean. It has a recessed response that makes most sound elements appear muffled. Instruments have trouble cutting through in a significant way, and only show drive in the low-mids.


While there are still some recessed frequencies in the highs, they actually do provide good resolution in some areas. There is more spark to the treble that outdoes most of the midrange fidelity, offering a bit more natural detail to the sound signature. Sometimes they can even get peaky, and in certain mixes with an emphasis on brightness. I never thought its presence was harsh, but those who are more sensitive to these types of frequencies might not find them as enjoyable.


For the price, the E600Pro has some impressive qualities. Its battery life is massive, and its multipoint ability brings up its value significantly. Those looking for something simple will enjoy the E600Pro the most, and it’ll give them a bass and vocal clarity that far outdoes many wireless headphones in its price bracket. There are its flaws though, with its dull mids and lacking width. It also doesn’t have an app or environmental sound control. However, I don’t think any of that takes away from the fact that this is one of the best Bluetooth headphones I have used for less than a hundred dollars.

Pros  Cons
  • Good imaging
  • Impactful bass
  • Great build
  • Massive battery life
  • Multipoint connection 
  • Dull midrange
  • Lacking width
  • No app

The Ankbit E600Pro is available on Amazon.

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