Anker Soundcore Space NC vs Cowin E7 Review

Anker Soundcore Space NC vs Cowin E7 Review

Wireless noise cancelling headphones are getting cheaper and cheaper. It used to be that you couldn’t get a wireless noise cancelling headphone for under 200 bucks. But technology is becoming more affordable and sophisticated, expanding the buyer’s options. So, here are two wireless noise cancelling headphones for $100. How good can do they get for that price? Let’s do a comparison in this Anker Soundcore Space NC vs Cowin E7 Review.

Anker Soundcore Space NC vs Cowin E7 Review

IN the BOX

Anker Soundcore Space NC vs Cowin E7 Review Anker Soundcore Space NC vs Cowin E7 Review


Both headphones are comfortable. But the Soundcore has a more secure fit. It’s more snug around the ears, and therefore, offers more sound isolation without the noise cancellation feature on.



Let’s start with aesthetics. If I had to guess which headphones was a higher quality design, it would be the Soundcore. It’s sleeker, less bulky and more solid looking. The leather headband and ear cushions look tighter and more carefully constructed. But if you like a fat and shiny looking bling headphone, your eyes might prefer the E7.


In terms of portability, the Soundcore is also superior because it folds, while the E7 only swivels flat. And the cable that comes with the Soundcore has a mic and remote, which is missing on the E7’s cable.


Call clarity is better on the Soundcore than it is on the E7. It also allows you to activate hands free calling and voice assistant, which the E7 doesn’t seem to.

Anker Soundcore Space NC vs Cowin E7 Review

Noise Cancellation

One thing that the E7 does do better is noise cancellation. Even though it’s a looser fit, the frequencies are more effectively negated.

Design Flaws

At the same time, certain design flaws make the E7 feel cheap. If you tap on the headband or ear cup, for example, the music becomes distorted for a split second. Not a huge deal, but if you’re running or moving around, these little bumps might get on one’s nerves.


Overall Impressions: The E7 has far superior sound quality and is more versatile across genres. The E7 also produces a bit more volume. (But to get clear sound from the E7, you have to turn on the noise cancellation feature.)


Both headphones have a great bass response. But Soundcore has a thicker and subbier bass that stands very present in the mix. The bass on the E7 is less dominating, cleaner and more transparent. Both sound great listening to pop. But because of the E7’s clearer higher frequencies, the music sounded more snappy, lending itself well to the tightness of pop tracks.


Both headphones have a nicely balanced and present mid range. But the lower mids on the E7 are more defined. Again, the deep lows on the Soundcore steal the show. It offers less detail in the lower mids and puts a more emphasis on the higher mids. As a result, I felt like the E7 was giving me a wider scope, if not a more accurate representation of the music. Rock and pop-rock songs were much fuller, with a more comprehensive representation of the mix. It also wins in terms of clarity. Listening to folk, the low mids on acoustic guitars sounded muddy when listening to the Soundcore. But on the E7, the guitar strums were comparatively crystal clear and detailed. 


The E7 offers more transparency in the high frequencies as well. Strings have more texture and nuance, and they sound less veiled than they do on the Soundcore. The same was true for brass. The E7 produced a lot more subtlety in tone and breath. Perhaps, the Soundcore is a little easier to listen to the highest registers because of it’s more rounded peaks. But if you’re listening to a lot of classical or jazz music, you’ll get more instrumental character from the E7. And because of the E7’s brighter highs, percussion has a crisper feel, making pop sound more precise and fun.


The E7 wins again, offering a sense grandness that makes the Soundcore sound very compact in comparison.


In terms of sound, unless you’re a bass-head or hip-hop fan, the E7 is undeniably better than the Soundcore. But with respect to build, the Soundcore offers a sleeker and more refined design. But if noise cancellation is your priority, the E7 is a good deal, considering that no major brands yet offers a wireless ANC headphone for under $150.

You can find these headphones for the best price at:

Amazon: Anker Soundcore Space NC

Amazon: COWIN E7

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