Update: Oh No, Apple AirPods Delay

Apple Airpods Delay Best Headphones 2016

Update 12/18/2016: Apple Airpods Delay is officially over for some – at least those who were able to buy the wireless earbuds earlier this week. Apple released them in limited quantities. That being said, the cost to replace an earbud is $69, so don’t lose these ridiculous looking things!

Update 12/14/2016: The wait is over! No more Apple Airpods delay, kiddos! Announced as of Tuesday, Apple will finally release the highly-anticipated wireless and cable-free Apple Airpods to consumers December 21. It will be available in limited quantities both online and in Apple stores.

Update 12/12/2016 Apple Airpods Delay: After several unfortunate announcements from Cupertino-based tech company Apple, it seems Apple Airpods are still delayed and will not hit retailers in time for Christmas. So if you were thinking of getting these peculiar looking buds for the holidays you’ll need to wait for something else. According to Wall Street Journal the delay is due the buds’ design.

“In most other wireless headphones, only one earpiece receives a signal from the phone via wireless Bluetooth technology; it then transmits the signal to the other earpiece. Apple has said AirPod earpieces each receive independent signals from an iPhone, Mac or other Apple device. But Apple must ensure that both earpieces receive audio at the same time to avoid distortion, the person familiar with their development said. That person said Apple also must resolve what happens when a user loses one of the earpieces or the battery dies.”

Hmm… I’m starting to wonder if this Apple Airpods Delay is a marketing ploy! Regardless let’s all laugh at the best memes made regarding the truly wireless buds.

Update 11/15/2016: Looks like the Apple AirPods delay is longer than expected, according to Barclays analysts in a note obtained by Mac Rumors. The wireless earbuds are now projected to enter production in December. If they will be available in time for the holidays? Maybe. But if so, in limited quantities. Barclays adds, the initial production will be “fairly small” – between 10 to 15 million pieces – meaning AirPods will probably sell out in stores super quick. Ugh! That’s all for now folks. Be sure to check back for updates.

Darn, it looks like those weird looking wireless earphones I was looking forward to losing will take longer than expected to hit the market. Here is everything we know about the Apple AirPods delay.

Apple AirPods Delay

While Apple AirPods seemed to be met with mixed reviews due to their interesting look, Apple says they received a tremendous amount of demand for them. But for those who were looking to get their hands, or ears rather, on a pair will have to sit back and wait for a date yet to be determined.

As Apple announced Thursday, the ear buds simply aren’t consumer ready and they need a “little more time.”

“The early response to AirPods has been incredible. We don’t believe in shipping a product before it’s ready, and we need a little more time before AirPods are ready for our customers,” said an Apple spokesperson to TechCrunch.

Sorry Apple snobs!

For those who are unfamiliar, Apple AirPods are the new wireless, Bluetooth earphones crafted for the iPhone 7. Many have mocked the earbuds since they look almost like the tip of a SpinBrush Pro toothbrush hanging out of your ears. The earbuds lack any sort of cable, to which Apple CEO Tim Cook said is the main reason earphones fall out of our ears in the first place.

Unfortunately, there is no clear date on when the Apple AirPods will be released as this is all the information we have on the Apple AirPods delay, but we will be sure to keep you all abreast of the current situation as soon as we know more.

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