Astell & Kern Announce New Products Including Their First IEM

This November sees the release of a variety of new audiophile goods, including a major step for the brand. A&K is mainly known for their high-end DAPS, but in the past they have collaborated with IEM manufacturers like JH Audio and Campfire Audio, releasing special edition models of their popular designs. Now, along with a lineup of new accessories, A&K is finally releasing their very own IEM for $699 called the AK Zero1. They’ll also be releasing a new MMCX 4.4mm balanced cable and a new module for the SE180.

AK Zero1 Features

  • Three Different Types of Drivers
  • Perfectly Harmonized Driver Structure
  • Highest Cross-Over Network Management
  • Acoustic Chamber created using 3D Printed Technology
  • Precise CNC Machined Metal Housing
  • Hi-Fi Grade Pure Silver-Coated OFC CableHand Crafted in Japan
Connector MMCX 
Housing Material  Aluminum
Frequency Response 25Hz-30kHz
SPL 96dB@1kHz(1mW)
Impedance  16 Ohms @1kHz
THD 0.7%@1kHz

4.4mm MMCX Cable

The brand new Astell&Kern 4.4mm MMCX cable, designed solely to deliver the most accurate sound, is an attractive cable that can meet the needs of demanding audiophiles who are capable of detecting even the slightest changes in sound.

SEM3 Module 

SEM2 is an Interchangeable All-in-One module for the SE180. Shape your Sound with the ESS ES9038Q2M Quad DAC SEM3 module. The SEM3 module allows you to give your SE180 a different sound than the bundled module. The SEM3 supports up to 32bit/768kHz bit-to-bit playback and Native DSD512. The four ES9038Q2M DACs allow two DACs per channel for dedicated decoding. It aims to achieve a more detailed and balanced sound with great depth and spatial realism.

All of these new Astell & Kern products will be available to pre-order on November 1st from Audio46.

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