Astell & Kern Launch New True Wireless AKUW100 Earphones

The well-renowned audiophile brand has branched out from its DAP manufacturing and has been releasing some great accessories. They’ve also started to develop their very own IEMs like the Astell and Kern Zero1. Now they have unveiled their first true wireless earphone, the UW100. The AK UW100, Astell & Kern’s first fully wireless earphone, aims to provide uncompromising wireless Hi-Fi sound with no cables required.

Using the UW100’s passive noise isolation, these earphones can efficiently cancel unwanted ambient noise in the mid and high ranges, as well as higher-pitched sounds. A significant feature of passive noise isolation is that sound quality is retained since noise is attenuated by the structure of the earbuds rather than by software in the case of active noise cancellation.  Developed with the help of countless simulations, the AK UW100’s best-in-class PNI capability allows you to escape annoying ambient noise and allows the listener to immerse oneself in an experience where only you and the artist exist.

If the listener wishes to hear ambient sounds, a single tap on the left earbud once activates ambient mode.  You can switch between the four ambient modes by tapping the left earbud or using the AK TWS app.

Key Features 

  • Knowles BA DriveraptX™
  • Adaptive for High Quality Wireless Audio
  • Ambient Mode
  • Premium Tier QCC5141 & Bluetooth 5.2
  • All Day Music (Total 24hrs playback)
  • Supports Wireless Charge and Fast Charge

The Astell & Kern AK UW100 will cost $299 and is slated to be available April 11th of this year.

You can find more from Astell & Kern at Audio46.

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