Audeara Headphones Provide Personalized Sound For You

Audeara Headphones

It is a fact that no two people hear the same way. That being said, why not listen to sound perfectly tailored for you? Now meet Audeara headphones.

Audeara Headphones Provide Personalized Sound For You

Audeara was first designed by Dr. James Fielding as a means of quickly administering hearing tests for patients – he took the computer that normally read hearing tests and fit it for headphones. Fielding then thought this same method could be used to provide music lovers with the best audio quality suited just for them. Give rise to Audeara.

Before using it, the wearer downloads the Audeara companion app to administer and record the findings of a simple threshold hearing test. As described by the company:

“The threshold test begins by emitting a low frequency beep. As you adjust the volume, the app is recording the quietest sound you can hear across a range of frequencies. Your personal hearing profile. We test a range of frequencies up to 20,000Hz to offer ultimate precision and give you the choice to test 8 bands, 16 bands or 32 bands. The results of the test inform the hardware and will adjust your right ear differently from your left.”

Audeara Headphones

Their test is said to go as deep as possible and explores your psychoacoustic profile, which is not only determined by your anatomy, but by your hearing health and your ability to hear and respond to the test which in turn delivers a more accurate reading.

This method also provides listeners with the best sounding audio (to them), while minimizing hearing loss. We often increase volumes to hear what we prefer in music. If turned too high you can permanently damage your hair cells leaving your hearing to suffer. With Audeara this should be no more. In addition, these headphones can be used to test your hearing at any time. Moreover, you can store multiple hearing profiles in case your friends want to try out your new cans.

The headphones appear to be on the comfier side with an over-ear design and plush looking ear cups. The headphones are also fit with low-latency and high-fidelity Bluetooth for clear transmission and a wireless experience. The headphones take about 3 hours to charge and provide up to 12 hours of use engaged in both Bluetooth and ANC. Audeara headphones are able to run for 15 hours over just Bluetooth and 30 hours with just ANC.

Interested? Head over to Kickstarter and make an Early Bird pledge for $192. Orders will ship to backers in July 2017.

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