Audeze Announces Release of the LCD-24

Resolution and Power meets Remarkably Fast Transient Response

Audeze Announces Release of the LCD-24. The LCD-24 combines Audeze’s powerful Fluxor magnetic structure with the extremely fast transient response of their Nano-scale diaphragms. The result is a rich and refined sound profile that produces the energetic mids, powerful bass and treble extension iconic to Audeze’s Flagship headphones.

Incredible Transparency

The LCD-24 features a special Fluxor™ version of the staggered magnetic circuit first introduced in the LCD-2. This asymmetrical design offsets the placement of magnets on each side of the driver, subsequently improving the linearity of airflow for enhanced resolution and transparency.

Lightning-Fast Transients

Audeze boasts 0.5 micron Nano-scale diaphragms, which offer an unparalleled level of articulation and nuance. Years of research, experimentation and creative energy have been invested into each element of the LCD-24 driver, giving this latest Audeze edition an elegance far beyond its years.

Optimized for the King MK II

The King MKII has been specifically optimized for use with the Audeze Flagship series, making it an ideal pairing for the LCD-24. Limited quantities of The King MKII are now available for $3495 ($1000 off MSRP)

A limited number of the LCD-24 will be available for $3,500 including the hard travel case and Audeze’s premium silver-plated copper LCD series cable.

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