Audio Technica Announce New Balanced Amp And DAC

The popular brand that brings you all things audio has a new amplifier and DAC converter to show you. The amp is the ATH-BHA100 and the DAC is the AT-DAC100.

ATH-BHA100 Features

  • Hybrid system with vacuum tubes and power transistors
  • Four independent preamp vacuum tubes
  • Four power transistors, one for each powered amp circuit
  • Four completely independent amplifier circuits
  • Operational amp that highlights the superiority of vacuum tubes
  • Relay switches designed specifically for vacuum tubes
  • High-quality audio-grade components
  • Film capacitors from WIMA and Shinyei Capacitor
  • Four-layer board structure
  • Gain selector switch
  • Two balanced outputs
  • Two 6.3 mm (1/4สบ) unbalanced outputs
  • Line-through output
  • Beautiful vented design showcases the internal vacuum tubes
  • Horizontal or vertical orientation for greater layout flexibility
  • External AC adapter

AT-DAC100 Features

  • Compatible with a wide variety of high-definition formats
    • Support for 768 kHz, 32-bit (linear PCM), and 22.4 MHz (DSD) audio lets you fully enjoy these high-resolution sound sources.
  • Low-distortion DAC with a high signal-to-noise ratio
  • Specifically tuned for vacuum tube preamplifiers
  • High-quality power supply
  • Low-distortion filter circuit
  • High-quality audio-grade components
  • WIMA film capacitors
  • Support for USB-C and other digital inputs
  • Horizontal or vertical orientation for greater layout flexibility
  • External AC adapter

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