Audio-Technica ATH-C200BT Review: Perfect for Eavesdroppers and Chatty Cathies

Hello, my little Audio-Technica fans. Just when I thought I had a relaxing day with nothing to do, my pain-in-the-ass boss throws these nondescript wireless earbuds in my face. But one thing I’ve learned is to never judge an earphone by its color. At 49 bucks, what makes the ATH-C200BT so different from the rest? Let’s take a look in this Audio-Technica ATH-C200BT Review.

Audio-Technica ATH-C200BT Review


This category is partially what sets the C200BT apart from other Audio-Technica models. If you have an aversion to soft rubber tips (that’s what he said), these earphones are for you. Much like Apple’s Earpods, Audio-Technica has simplified the design of these buds by foregoing attachable silicone eartips. Instead, they have coated the shells with a silicone casing. So, though they are more forgiving than the Apple EarPods, Audio-Technica has taken the same minimalist approach. Personally, I started to find them uncomfortable after about an hour of wear. That being said, if you never have issues with the fit of your ol’ EarPods, then these should feel fine. I’m a snowflake. 

But you should note that these buds provide absolutely no sound isolation, perhaps by design. The ATH-C200BT is perfect for pathological eavesdroppers and commuters who love the sound of traffic. That is, if you need to be aware of your surroundings (if you ride your bike in the city, for example), this open design is an ideal option. Also, you’ll never have to worry about losing eartips or accumulating earwax.


Controls and Functionality

Another feature that sets the C200BT apart from the rest is the independent volume control, which allows you to adjust the volume separately from the volume control on your phone. And for my friends with tinnitus, I should mention that these earbuds get louder than most wireless earphones in this price range.

Other than the feature above, you can expect the standard functionality, which can be controlled from the remote on the cable. This includes, play/pause, track skipping and call answering/ending. No voice assistant though. So, you’ll have to make a call to the wrong person without Siri’s help.

Call Clarity

Again, here is what makes these admittedly ordinary looking earbuds special. Well, “special” might be pushing. But the call clarity is significantly above average for wireless earbuds at this price point. I called my colleague, who was forced to whisper because of my boss’ new “hour of silence” rule. I could hear my colleague’s murmur loud and clear, and I could even tell what he ate for breakfast. Cashews. Furthermore, he said that my voice had great presence and gravitas. And though the mic is sensitive, it avoids picking up too much ambient noise. 

Battery Life and Charging

Not bad. You’ll get 9 hours of playtime from the C200BT, which is about average for a pair of wireless earphones at this price point. These earbuds use a micro-USB connection for charging. And of course, the charging cable is included in the box.


No carrying case, but easy to bundle. The C200BT also comes with a clip to match your grey tie. Actually, I should mention that these earbuds also come in white.


The C200BT supports Bluetooth 4.2, which in theory, offers less reliable transmission than the latest, Bluetooth 5. But I didn’t experience any dropped signals.



This is not a headphone for bass-heads. There’s little low-end to speak of. That’s what she said. So, if you have a serious aversion to bass, or you like your sound to be as neutral as the color of these earphones, then the C200BT is a great option. And I have to admit, in terms of clarity, the sound is relatively clean and well separated for the price. You won’t get much warmth, but you can rest assured that you won’t hear any muddiness. It’s just not any fun. The sound profile is thin and sterile. But the level of detail is okay; although string instruments in this range didn’t have much weight, there displayed a sufficient amount of texture. 


There’s not too much emphasis in the high mids, so you won’t experience any harshness in the higher frequencies. But again, no body or warmth here. No richness or character. And certainly, if you like a lush and meaty sound signature, you should definitely keep looking. But again, the C200BT presents a clean sound. Acoustic guitar strums, for example, are well-delineated. And instruments in heavy arrangements don’t feel lost in the mix.


Again, this is a pretty neutral sounding headphone. So, you won’t hear any uncomfortable extension in this range. Still, percussion sound crisp and snappy in this range. So the high frequencies don’t feel rolled-off at all. And vocals have a light airiness to them. So, at least there’s nothing offensive about the sound in this range. 


Because of the C200BT’s open design, you will hear a little dimension with respect to the soundstage. Although it’s not vastly spacious, there was a decent sense of height and width.


Boring. But clear. And the C200BT targets a specific niche; if your ultimate concern is great call clarity and complete awareness of your surroundings, the wireless C200BT is decent for the price. And considering that these earbuds don’t require silicone eartips, the C200BT is also low maintenance. Finally, for my little control-freaks out there, the independent volume control is a nice touch.

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