Audio Technica ATH-E50 Review

New to the earphone scene and freshly arrived at my review desk, the ATH-E50 is priced at $199.  Like other models in the E series, this one doesn’t feature a mic and remote, but does promise impressive audio.  So how well does it deliver on that promise?

Audio Technica ATH-E50 Review

Audio Technica ATH-E50 Review

The ATH-E50 comes in a standard cardboard box with standard accessories – a case, some eartips, and a 1/4” stereo adapter.

Build-wise, these earphones sport another slam-dunk for Audio Technica.  I’ve come to expect a lot from their products in the past, and while I wasn’t particularly enthused by the fit of the E40, the fit and design of the E50 is at once comfortable and solid.

The removable cable is 5.2 ft (1.6 m), and feels pretty rugged.

The headphones offer a frequency range of 20-18,000 hertz, and an impedance of 44 ohms.

Like the E40 and the E70, the E50 features a pleasant, slightly-rolled-off high end.  Despite this, the highs doesn’t suffer, and when added to the impressive low end, the result is dynamic, luscious, and intoxicating.  Mids are present, too – the final word being a detailed and balanced sound that makes me reconsider just how good a $200 pair of earphones can sound.

Because when we talk about the law of diminishing returns, it easily applies to most headphones, but it definitely applies to earphones in this price bracket.  Around $200, you see some models that are just plain junk and others that are a slight improvement over just plain junk.  And then there’s this little bugger, the ATH-E50, blowing the rest of the competition right out of the water.

The fact that this earphone is so well-paired for any genre of music is perhaps the best thing about it.  It’s dynamic enough for your rock and pop and hip hop tastes, but it’s also detailed enough to really do classical and acoustic pieces justice, too.

Is there a reason not to consider the Audio Technica ATH-E50?  Maybe.  If you want to blow the molars out of your jaw with sloppy, uncontrolled bass, there may be other options out there.  Also, if you’re a fan of a flat or bright sound, there may be other options worth considering (like the Audio Technica ATH-CKR10 or ATH-IM01, respectively).  If, however, you’re looking for a clean and dynamic sound, fuggeddaboutit!

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