Audio Technica IFA 2017 New Releases

Audio Technica IFA 2017 New Releases Audio Technica ATH-AR5BT

Audio Technica is never one to shy away from releasing a number of different headphones and earbuds at major electronics trade shows – with IFA being no exception. Get the dish on all the latest AT headsets and ear buds unveiled in Berlin, Germany in our “Audio Technica IFA 2017 New Releases.”

Audio Technica IFA 2017 New Releases

The new Audio Technica ATH-AR5BT is a wireless over-ear headphone following the earlier make called the SR5BT. The new model expands on its predecessor with the use of 45 mm drivers reaching a more expansive frequency response range (spanning 5-40,000 Hertz).

The headphones are quite similar in terms of connectivity, supporting Bluetooth 4.1 with aptX, AAC, and SBC codecs. They both hold a DC 3.7 V Lithium polymer battery which yields a lief span of 30 hours and a continuous standby time of 1000 hours to both headsets.

As for aesthetics, Audio Technica ATH-AR5BT features more colors, like red and blue. This model will hit the market in time for he holidays in November 2017, retailing for approximately $236 USD.

Audio Technica IFA 2017 New Releases Audio Technica ATH-CKR55BT

Word on the street is AT is also releasing three wireless in-ear buds:¬†ATH-CKR75BT, ATH-CKR55BT, and ATH-CKR35BT. They all provide users with a 7 hour battery life, which is just about the average. The most sophisticated of the three models is the ATH-CKR75BT ¬†which features an 11.8 mm driver reaching a frequency response up to 40,000 Hertz. It’s also got AAC and aptX codecs to ensure a skip-free listening experience. The CKR55BT is fit with a 10.7mm driver which reaches a frequency response up to 35,000 Hertz with both AAC and aptX codecs. The ATH-CKR35BT has the smallest driver, at 9.8 mm which yields a frequency response up to 24,000 Hertz and only employs an AAC codec. These wireless in-ear models will go on sale in October at approximately $188.57 USD, $117.41 USD, and $70 USD.

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