Audioscenic Introduces New 3D Audio Software For Windows

Audioscenic Introduces New 3D Audio Software For Windows

Spatial Audio is making its way onto more devices thanks to many different companies embracing it. Audioscenic is one of those names that are trying to bring 3D audio into more homes with their various speaker solutions. Now the UK company is making it easier than ever to experience their innovative 3D audio technology with their new downloadable suite for Windows OS. This software package is called Amphi, and acts as a desktop application that makes your PC setup compatible with an award winning spatial audio experience. No additional hardware is needed. Whether you’re using speakers or headphones, 3D audio can be fully accessed. It’s perfect for PC gaming, watching movies, and listening to music in new ways.

In addition to immersive 3D audio, Amphi will also include head-tracking features powered by AI. As long as you have a built-in camera, Amphi can monitor the position of your head in real-time. The actual interface of Amphi’s software houses many controls, such as EQ an APO software that integrates Audioscenic processing through Windows. It makes Amphi a spatial audio tool as well as an experience, offering developers a powerful tool to sculpt an individualized spatial audio experience for users utilizing the existing infrastructure of commonly available laptop and desktop computers.

Amphi is currently being demoed at Computex 2023 in Taipei, Taiwan. No date for when Amphi will be available to consumers has been announced.

For more information on Audioscenic, click here.

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