AxumGear Review, Truly Wireless Bassy Buds

AxumGear Review

AxumGear Review, Truly Wireless Bassy Buds: AxumGear are truly wireless earbuds for fitness fiends and bass heads. The buds tout a tough exterior with a water proof frame, and the loudest possible output levels. We’ve got them in hand and are ready to put them to the test.

AxumGear Review, Truly Wireless Bassy Buds

AxumGear Review – Unboxing, First Impressions

Out of the box, I found that the left earbud had some juice while the right didn’t so I popped them inside the portable charging case. There are four LED lights inside the case to indicate how much battery life the case has. It was about half full. P.S. The case can be charged with an included micro USB cable and is able to provide the buds with up to 6 recharges. The pamphlet inside the case, unfortunately, does not indicate how long it takes for the buds to charge so I decided to leave them in for a few hours to which they were fully juiced when I returned. I also noticed the units and the charging case feature quite a bit of plastic or a plastic-like material which felt less than premium.

AxumGear Review – Build and Fit

As for the build, these buds aren’t too large or too small, so they make for a good fit in probably any ear. The buds are fit with removable grips topped with a small triangular-shaped hook to ensure the buds “never fall,” according to Axum. The design really does secure the buds in your ear. Though, I had some initial issues securing the buds in my small ears. They do in fact fit, but seeing as the hook is a triangular stabilizer rather than a slender hook, it takes a minute to secure the unit in the conch of your ear. Once properly situated in your ear, the buds won’t fall out. They have yet to do so for me. One small note, if you’ve got small ears, like me, your ears might slightly ache after an hour or so of wear.

AxumGear Review – Features

As I mentioned earlier, the buds are built with a water resistant coating that allows them to to be used when exposed to sweat or rain. Yay!

Pairing Axum earbuds to each another and to your own phone is remarkably easy compared to the other earbuds I have tried in the past – and I have tried A LOT! To do so, you’ll need to turn on the left earbud and hold the multi-function button until the LED light flashes red and white. That means it’s in pairing mode. Then, turn on Bluetooth on your phone and locate AxumGear L. Select the earbud and you’ll hear a voice say you’re “Connected.” Next, pop the right earbud in your ear and press and hold until you hear “T-W-S paired.” That means you are all good to go!

According to AxumGear’s website the buds employ noise cancelling technology – CVC 6.0 noise cancellation to be exact. This may be the very low hiss I’m hearing when the buds aren’t playing any music since I’m quite sensitive to active noise cancellation. The buds themselves provide a decent seal against environmental noise (while wearing silicone tips). Once paired with your music, you can’t hear much of what’s going on around you.

Definitely one of my favorite features on AxumGear earbuds is total autonomy from both earbuds – you can pause/play, answer a call, or skip forward a track using the multi-function button on either earbud. This is preferential for those moments when let’s say your right hand is holding way too many groceries and you need to answer a call, but the left earbud doesn’t have that feature. This is awesome. I did note that the trade off is no access to a voice assistant. Depending on how much you use Siri or Google Assistant, this may not even matter to you.

Another exciting feature of these buds are their ability to reach a run time of 4 hours. Most of the competition is falling short, averaging 3 hours or so. As long as you aren’t blasting these babies at full volume, you can get about 4 hours from them. If you are blowing out your ears, you can expect a run time closer to 3 and a half.

AxumGear Review – Sound

On that note, Axum promises these buds are one of the loudest truly wireless sets on the market. That’s because the buds hold about 8 mm custom dynamic drivers, which are 20% larger than the average drivers found in the TWS market, according to Axum. Yippee! Honestly, these buds can get very loud. In an effort to save my own hair cells I never maxed the volume out. At about 3/4 of the way to max, the buds are still very loud. At this volume, your music also loses detail and clarity so there’s really no reason to push it. I found a comfortable volume at about 1/4 of the way and pushing it to half when I really wanted to feel the music.

The bass is really good. It’s rich and with depth. The sub bass is present and rumbles just a little bit. If you like music that is heavy in bass, these earbuds really do deliver. The bass line in just about any genre really shines with these buds. The mids are pretty rich and the highs could pack more punch. I do wish that these buds offered more articulation across the lows, mids, and highs. Overall, I’d also like to hear more articulation across the entire frequency range. Regardless, bass heads will be quite pleased.

AxumGear Review – Overall Performance

The buds currently retail for $189, down from their previous price of $299. I like this number since many companies in the TWS market have dropped their prices to the $150-$200 price point. Seeing as these buds stay in place (unlike a lot of others), are sweat and water resistant, can get very loud, pair pretty easily, and pack a punch in the bass, I’d say they are just about worth the price tag. Snag them here.

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