Battalion Is The Latest Drum Machine From Plugin Alliance

Native Instruments has absorbed a ton of popular plug-in developers for sound creation and mixing. Just last year iZotope, Brainworx, and Plugin Alliance became part of their ever-growing base of audio tools. That later name has released their newest addition to their plugin library with a new drum machine developed by Unfiltered Audio.

Battalion is a flexible new drum machine that delivers the color and control of iconic drum synths, with a modern drum machine’s sampling features and approachability. No matter what music genre you’re working in, Battalion is designed to generate beats quickly. You can even use it for fine-tuning completely original arrangments as well.

Anything from Native Instruments can usually ensure that your audio is studio quality. If you’re making beats then there’s no doubt you’re striving for pro-level quality, and Battalion offers plenty of tools to achieve that. Part of what will help provide that studio quality is its selection of synths. They’re built from the ground up, and offer 20 distinct synthesis engines that deliver essential drum synth sounds for drum production – from iconic 80s drum machine sounds to otherworldly synth sounds.

Battalion contains a vast sample library where you can load, play, and modify sounds in specific modes. Some of these available modes are Classic, Phase Warp, Cloner, and Granular. Using these tools, you can even shape your original sounds into something new. It also offers an onboard BLEND slider that assists with creating unique combinations of sounds helped by effects and modulation. A graphic sequencer is also provided to help create new arrangments either from presets or from scratch.

If you’re a DJ, Battalion will allow you to prepare for sets and live performances through performance mode. With these tools, you can trigger, loop, and manipulate sounds on the fly with ease and flair.

Other Key Features

  • 20 synthesis engines with unique controls
  • Eight voices with advanced mix interaction controls
  • Unfiltered Audio effects: SHATTER DELAY and HEADSPACE REVERB
  • Channel Strip with DELAY, REVERB, PAN, VOICE GAIN
  • Multi-mode filter and non-linear distortion
  • Filter algorithms including Low-Pass, High-Pass, Band-Pass
  • Distortion algorithms including Bitcrush, Rate Crush, Wavefold, Phase, Tape, and Tube
  • Performance mode
  • Controls for EQ and pitch
  • CLIPPING MODE selector for managing signal clipping behavior

Battalion is available now from Plugin Alliance for $199.

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