Best Bluetooth Headphones of 2020

2020. Covid. It sucks balls. But that’s neither here nor there. There are countless wireless headphones on the market today. But in my humble opinion, the headphones listed below are the arguably the best on the market this year. (If you’re looking for best in-ear wireless headphones, click here). Many of these cans are not necessarily new to 2020, but they remain huge sellers today. So, whatever your price range, this list should provide you with the highest quality options available. Now, put down that goblet of Wild Turkey, throw on some fresh pajamas, slip on that face mask, and come with me on an adventure called, Best Bluetooth Headphones of 2020.

Which Are the Best Wireless Headphones of 2020?

Under $1000

Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless

Beyerdynamic is one of the most established headphones companies in the world. Their headphones are used by studio musicians as well as sound engineers all across the globe. But they’ve also ventured into the audiophile market, creating heavy hitters, such as the T1 and T5. And their Amiron Wireless is one of the most skilled wireless headphones on the market. Well-balanced and super clean, with perhaps the most spacious soundstage around, the Amiron is like the Cadillac of wireless headphones. I should mention that these babies are large. And though they come with a case, you’ll need a decent sized backpack to carry them around. But if sound is your priority, then it’s hard to beat these cans.

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beyerdynamic amiron wireless

Under $400

Shure Aonic 50

Shure only released their first wireless headphone, the Aonic 50, earlier this year. But it’s quickly gaining accolades as one of the best headphones in this price range. Vast soundstage, clean, versatile balance, great ANC and fantastic call clarity. Furthermore, these cans just feel good to wear. Super luxurious, the Aonic 50 offers a fit that just says, I’ve made it. You’ll get up to 20 hours of juice from these cans, which isn’t incredibly long when you compare it to models such as the Sony WH-1000XM3. But it does beat Sennheiser’s Momentum 3 by a small margin. Although these headphones are nowhere near as large as the Amiron Wireless, they’re still not the most portable on the market. But as long as you’re not expecting to carry these headphones in your pocket, the Aonic 50 is a fantastic investment.

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shure aonic 50

Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless

Back to the subject of soundstage. In this price range, no headphone can match the grandness and color of the Momentum 3 Wireless. It just sounds big. In terms of balance, the low frequencies have a sense of fullness, punchiness, control and warmth. The midrange is smooth and full bodied, while the highs offer plenty of detail and energy. If you like a lively pop or rock track, these cans are for you. And if you’re a classical music fan who appreciates a majestic sounding string instrument, you’ll gravitate towards the Momentum 3 as well. Add to this a ton of functionality, effective ANC and fantastic call clarity, and you’ve got a truly impressive headphone for $399.

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Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless

Under $300

Beyerdynamic Lagoon

In terms of transparency and detail, the Lagoon is hard to beat. It may not have the lushness or punch of the Sennheiser Momentum 3. But if you’re a critical listener or you value a naturally balanced sound signature, it doesn’t get more natural than these cans. If you’re looking for something super bassy, the Lagoon may not be the headphone for you. And I’ve tested more effective ANC technology at this price point. But for those who prioritize sound quality, the Lagoon is a perfect choice.

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Beyerdynamic Lagoon ANC

Under $200

Audio-Technica M50XBT

The original, wired M50X is perhaps the most well known DJ and professional headphone on the market. Famous for it’s punchy bass and fun V-shaped sound signature, the M50X wins hands down when it comes to a good time. And the wireless, M50XBT shares that very same sound signature and build. And if you’re a fan of pop, electronica or even any genre involving acoustic instruments, these babies should make you a happy camper. No ANC on these cans. But the natural sound isolation is the most effective I’ve heard from a wireless headphone.

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AudioTechnica M50XBT

Under $100

Strauss & Wagner SW-ANCBT501

I think the balance and sound signature on this model is more enjoyable than any other ANC headphone I’ve tested at this price point. And to be honest, there are few ANC headphones available for under 100 bucks. The ANC may not be effective as a Bose. But I’ve never heard a noise-cancelling headphone that cuts out all outside sound, especially at this price point. And if all you’re looking to do is kill the hum of an airplane or air-conditioner, these headphones will do the trick. Anyway, my main priority is always good sound quality. And for the sound performance alone, I think that the SW-ANCBT501 is a solid deal. The whopping 40 hours of battery life is a plus too.

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Strauss & Wagner SW-ANCBT501

Sennheiser HD4.40BT

No frills here. No ANC either. Just solid design, versatile balance and the kind of sound quality you would expect from this famous German brand. Add to that Sennheiser’s 2 year international warranty, and these no nonsense cans will get the job done. The buttons controls are easy to navigate, and the call clarity is quite good as well. A reliable choice.

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Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT Headphones

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