Best Earbuds for Running and Workouts Under $150

You’re running through the city and the energy is amazing. You’re breathing in the fresh crisp air while executing a perfect stride. You’re music is killer and keeping you so focused – until your earbud pops out and throws you for a loop.Great! You try and secure it in your ear AGAIN, but face it this happens all too often and is ruining your workout. But fear not, we’ve got five solutions to keep you on track towards your summer beach body. Here is a list of the top five best earbuds or running and other workout exercises under $150.

Sennheiser PMX 686i

Best Earbuds For Running Workouts Sports

This sport earbud consists of an in-ear frame with an over-ear loop and back-of-head design. The ear buds are angled to retain ambient noise and situational awareness.The headband is durable and fits securely around the back of the head, which subsequently secures the ┬ásport earbuds in your ears. Some users have complained if you have a “big” head the headband and earbuds aren’t very comfortable and fit too tight. The cable features an in-line mic and controller which is also very lightweight and tangle-free. The cable is made of aramid heat resistant fibers. The buttons on the controller are too close together for me which makes adjusting music and volume a little more tedious than it should be. These headphones reach a frequency range between 18 – 20,000 Hertz and an impedance of 30 ohms. True to a Sennheiser product, the audio sounds clean and will definitely keep you focused on your workout and thus taking its place on our list of the Best Earbuds for Running and Workouts. The overall audio delivers great sound across the entire frequency range for an in-ear headphone. High pitched vocals and deep bass sound pretty good while I feel more emphasis is given to the mids which lend themselves well to treble claps, synthesizers, and vocals. Go ahead and break a sweat. These these sport earbuds boast an IPX water resistance grade 4.

Westone ADV Adventure Alpha

If you’re a lover of the great outdoors, these sports earbuds were designed with you in mind. These workout earbuds are extremely durable and built to last. Made of a magnesium body and an aluminum face plate, the entire body feels lightweight. The actual earbud is detachable and made of a squishy yet sturdy foam tip that can conform to the shape of any ear. The cable is also detachable and comes with an iOS compatible in-line mic and controller. The Alpha headphones are constructed with a light reflective cable for safe nighttime usage. The entire body has a water resistant IPX grade of 3. Sound-wise, more emphasis is given to the bass which in turn takes away from the treble. You may find yourself turning up the volume to be able to hear the entire frequency range of 20 – 18,000 Hertz. Keeping that in mind, as the volume increases on the Alpha sport earbuds there is a loss of detail in treble. If you love bass these are a good choice. Bass heads these rank our Best Earbuds for Running and Workouts list for you.

MEE x7 Plus

Best Earbuds for Running Workouts Sports

Wireless for the win! These sport earbuds, operating on Bluetooth 4.1, can provide music playback for up to 7.5 hours and 300 hours on standby. Yes, 300 hours!!! That alone is enough to land a spot on our Best Earbuds for Running and Workouts roster. But, there are some other incredible features. Although the x-Sevens carry a somewhat bulky build, these wireless sport earbuds are super lightweight with a secure fit. Using a behind-the-neck in-line mic and controller, the x-Sevens are an efficient way to enjoy audio while focusing on your workout. The wireless operation allows users to workout about 30 feet from their phone without losing connectivity. Using 6 mm drivers and operating on a frequency range of 20 to 20,000 hertz, the x-Sevens provide great open sound. The treble is a bit distant, but the bass, mids, highs, and lows are all prevalent and sound pretty good.

Audio Technica ATH Sport 4

Best Earbuds for Running Workouts Sports

Also going for a wireless design, Audio Technica’s Sport 4 uses Bluetooth wireless connectivity to bring you stellar audio for a pair of sport earbuds. Full range audio from 20 to 20,000 hertz sound pretty good. Synthesizers, vocals, lows, mid, highs and bass sound great. Even some of the minute details in your music can be heard. The internal lithium polymer rechargeable battery, located in the left earbud, will keep you going for 4 hours of continuous use or 60 hours on standby. The ATH-Sport 4 uses flexible cables to take shape to your ears with an over the ear design. The cables features a universal mic and controller. These sport earbuds come with standard silicone ear tips for sound isolation as well as ridged ear tips to allow for ambient noise while exercising outdoors.The ATH-Sport 4 has an IPX of 5, so feel free to sweat as much as you want and wash them safely afterwards.

Jaybirds x2 Wireless

Audio Technica ATH-E40 Review

Best Earbuds for Running Workouts Sports

The Best Earbuds for Running and Workouts list would not be complete without the Jaybirds x2 which boast the same great audio and comfortable build it as its predecessor, but now retailing at a fraction of the cost. The x2s, now running for about 140 or so dollars, are designed with an ergonomic ear fin for a super secure fit. The cord connecting the two sport earbuds can be either looped over-the-ear or hang down in the front. Both options secure the earbuds behind the head. These workout earbuds come with spare sport ear fins and 3 pairs of silicone ear tips in addition to 3 pairs of sport foam ear tips. Running on Bluetooth connectivity the Jaybirds can be used for up to 8 hours of playback and thanks to Signal Plus technology your workout mix should be skip free.These headphones are wildly popular for their ability to deliver great audio across the entire spectrum. The 6 mm drivers deliver balanced and rich sound with detail and clarity from lows to highs.

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