2021 Best Earbuds Under $100

2021 Best Earbuds Under 100 USD

When cash flow is low, but your taste in music quality is high, you’re forced to get budget-friendly earphones that can keep you from burning a hole in your pocket, but all the while satisfying to your ears. We’ve got a list for that!

Advanced Wearable Audio – AWA 101 Dual-Driver IEM
2018 Best Earbuds Under 50 USD

These earbuds pack a nice punch at the under $50 mark. Actually valued at $80, AWA 101 currently retails for $50. it features dual drivers which make for a nice boosted low end (hey bass heads) and smooth audio that rings straight through to the highs.

Kinera BD005 Pro

You can always trust Kinera to deliver a great sound no matter the price range. The BD005 Pro is one of their best values, providing a sound signature that’s hard to beat for only $49. Here, you’ll experience a warm timbre that might not deliver on impact but will definitely succeed in producing a smooth tonality that is easy to enjoy and get lost in.

Moondrop Aria

This $79 IEM from Moondrop has been gaining a considerable amount of popularity recently, and for good reason. The Aria sounds like an IEM well beyond its price point, giving you a shockingly grand and airy soundstage. It has immersive spatial properties that deliver clarity and articulation to each of your tracks while producing a smooth tonality that’s hard not to enjoy. There’s a greater thickness in its bass while balancing the highs with detail and texture without being too bright. Midrange frequencies are a bit recessed but are emphasized at the right points to make elements like vocals stick out.

Final Audio E2000 Hi-Res Earphones
2018 Best Earbuds Under 50 USD

These earbuds offer a lightweight and simple design that provides listeners with a completely referenced and balanced sound signature with a wide sound stage.

Queen Of Audio Vesper

Kinera’s sister brand Queen of Audio lives up to their name with the $60 Vesper. The soundstage is about what you’d expect, but in terms of texture, the Vesper goes above and beyond its price point. Its low-end drive pops out of the sound signature, offering solid impact and warmth with exceptional layering. This is also probably the best-looking design you’re going to find for less than a hundred, with Vesper’s artistry and fancy cable.

Fiio FD1

Fiio is another IEM manufacturer where you’re sure to find something no matter what price range you’re looking in. As far as the FD1 goes, you’re given one of the most spacious soundstages in this price range, with incredible width and accuracy throughout its imaging. Each layer is carefully positioned articulating an immersive stage for maximum engagement.

Strauss & Wagner EM205

Strauss and Wagner is a brand that produces solid and inexpensive products that prove their value with their superb sound. At only $39.99 you’d think it impossible to have a sound this clean, but the EM205 finds a way to achieve great clarity with such a standard design. Bass fidelity is tonally thick and powerfull, fulfiling a meaty low-end with clear details.

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