Best IEMs For Bass In 2023

Dealing with IEMs can be very intimidating if you don’t know where to look. There are many great options to sort through with many different prices. If your primary concern is bass response, where should you start looking? Here is a list, split up by price bracket of what we would recommend taking a look at.

Under $100


Starting with one of the lowest-priced options is the QKZ X HBB Khan. You’ll see a few IEMs going around with the HBB name, but if you’re looking for low-end impact at the absolute cheapest you can find it, then the Khan is for you. There are quite a few budget IEMs out there that try to dominate the sound signature with excessive bass, but the Khan’s strength is bringing it all together more elegantly. This gives it a leg up over the flock of other budget IEMs, so this is the one we’d recommend.

IKKO Lumina OH300

The Lumina OH300 is still fairly new, but that doesn’t stop it from being a strong contender. For its fifty-dollar price point, the Lunina really surprises you with how much bass it offers you. It’s a rare richness that is solidified in tone but provides enough room to make the bass feel larger and more enthralling. Go for the Lumina if you’re looking for a budget IEM with some real rumble.

Moondrop Aria

One of the safest bets you can make for an IEM under fifty dollars is the Moondrop Aria. If you’re looking for a low-end that balances clarity and thickness, then this is the best option for the price. Its bass has a large scale, and you’ll hear smooth textures throughout its detailed response.

Under $500

MUSE HiFi Power Planar

Only a bit over than hundred-dollar price range is the Power Planar from MUSE HiFi. These IEMs give you a ton of drive, and it makes the bass appear very powerful. The tone is excessive and exaggerated but it creates a fun response that is exciting to listen to. Sub-bass frequencies are also there to heighten the response and really liven things up.

7Hz Timeless AE

While the original Timeless was popular on its own, with its unique design and solid sound, the AE version is what you want if you’re looking for bass. The lows are much more prominent, and the soundstage is able to articulate the frequencies with greater clarity and separation.


Those looking for a significant bass slam will want to go for these lesser known IEMs. The BAX is very dynamic in its bass, as it ressonantes from a clear depth, and hits hard with significant power. The contrast between the sub-bass rumble and mid-bass punch is what makes the BAX totally gripping and worthwhile.

Moondrop Blessing 3 

Another newer release for this list is the Blessing 3 from Moondrop. Their mid-budget Blessing IEMs have never lacked bass, but the latest edition is their best effort yet. The bass here is a lot more theatrical, with a more forward presentation that comes off smoothly. It’s a more enveloping sound that does a better job engrossing you in the bass profile.

IKKO Asgard OH5

This is one of the first entries on this list to have a bass response that genuinely feels natural. Heavy low-end presence is balanced with accuracy and precision on the OH5. Its natural qualities never come off too dull, as there’s enough frequency content to make each performance feel full and punchy.

Sennheiser IE 500, in-ear

Under $1000

Moondrop Variations 

This is the last entry for Moondrop, and it’s one of the very best IEMs for bass. The response here is properly weighty, with all the bass coming through the earphones with proper body. It’s a heavily resonant and impactful tone that has a ferocious impact for mid-budget pair of IEMs. If you’re looking for a pair of IEMs with strong core in its bass, then there aren’t many sounds like the Variations.

ThieAudio Oracle MKII

The Oracle MKII might be a surprise to seed for some, but the lows on these IEMs never disappoints. You get a ton of depth here, supported by an enticing sub-bass with a solid foundation. It’s clear, concise, and offers just enough texture to make any bass lover happy.

Meze Advar

If you’re comfortable spending a bit more for even stronger bass, then the Advar from Meze Audio is the perfect fit. The timbre here has a growl to it, and it results in a defiant slam. The punch that the Advar delivers is substantial. It hits hard, while the frequencies themselves are clearly defined. This is one of the best examples of a bass response just being tons of fun.

Sennheiser IE 600

The IE 600 from Sennheiser and the Meze Advar are very similar in their bass response, but the IE 600 might be better for accuracy. With that said, the IE 600 still manages to provide you with an intense bass drive that packs the sound signature with considerable force. What makes this bass special is its finesse, as it quickly arrives at transients for a greater attack.

Best Premium Tier

Sennheiser IE 900

While the IE 600 is great in its price range, the IE 900 warrants its more premium price. The bass is just as accurate with even more meat on the bone. It has an immaculate depth, with a clear sub-bass and a heavy amount of impact.

Noble Audio Kublai Khan 

Noble Audio’s IEMs usually reliable bass, but the Kublai Khan delivers its very best tuning. You get a ton of power and detail here, with a level of bass that engulfs you in a satisfying pool of rumbly bass. It delves deep and vibrates your core and comes at with with a giant bubble of bass tone.

Kinera Imperial Loki 

The most recent premium IEM to release is also one of the best audiophile IEMs for bass. It’s one of the darkest IEMs on this list, and it dedicates a large amount of space to express all of its engaging details. It’s a smooth and warm timbre that brings the boom with rich detail.

64 Audio Fourte Blanc 

One of the most incredible bass responses I’ve heard, and that’s including headphones too. The Fourte Blanc from 64 Audio has some of the best low frequency depth on any pair of IEMs, and as a result, the bass is unrelentingly gripping. It gives you a heaping supply of impact, body, and lush detail. If you’re seeking the absolute best bass you can get, and money means absolutely nothing to you, then the Fourte Blanc will give you some of the most theatrical lows you can experience on IEMs.

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