Best Wired Earbuds and Dongles for OPPO Find X5 Pro

Best Wired Earbuds and Dongles for OPPO Find X5 Pro

The latest and greatest Android phones on the market have dropped the 3.5mm analogue headphone connection for a USB-C output. The celebrated, Oppo Find FX5 Pro, is one such model. And consumers are looking for wired earbuds and high quality dongles that can adapt to the new USB-C connection format. The following short list of options not only highlights the best budget-friendly USB-C type wired earphones, but also suggest ways in which you can upgrade your sound quality while adapting to the new USB-C standard.

USB-C Earphones

There aren’t a ton of high fidelity earbuds with USB-C connectors, but here are two great options for casual audio enthusiasts who want affordable, yet solid quality sound from their phone:

Strauss&Wagner EM8C

Strauss&Wagner is a lesser known brand, but has quickly gained attention from audio consumers looking for good quality, budget friendly earbuds. If you have a taste for bass and appreciate a lush and full-bodied sound signature, you’ll most likely gravitate to the EM8C. With a comfortable fit and great natural sound isolation, these buds are perfect for long listening sessions and noisy commutes to work.

You can but the Strauss&Wagner EM8C at Audio 46.

Strauss&Wagner EM8C

Samsung AKG-Tuned Wired Earbuds

Samsung has paired with the audio great, AKG, to make some killer earbuds. The wireless Galaxy Buds+ are probably the most celebrated Samsung-AKG model. But if you want to go for something wired and super affordable, the Samsung AKG-Tuned Wired Earbuds will offer that classic AKG sound for under 30 bucks. With a snug, ergonomic fit, and a remote to boot, these earbuds are a great buy for audiophiles on a budget.

Samsung AKG Earbuds

USB-C DAC/Amp Dongles to Upgrade Your Sound

If you already own a great pair of wired earbuds and don’t want to give them up, a small USB-C type DAC/Amp is a sure way of adding resolution to your audio setup. It will convert your 3.5mm headphone connection to a USB-C connection, while significantly upgrading sound quality.

iFi GO link

If this is your first experience with a DAC/amp, you may be blown away by what the iFi GO link can do for your sound. Super controlled and clean, this device not only improves resolution, but also widens the soundstage and adds depth to the imaging. For under $60, it’s a fantastic answer to your USB-C compatibility issues. 

You can buy the iFi GO link at Audio 46.

iFi GO link: Best dongle for Oppo Find X5 Pro

FiiO KA1 & KA2

With both, the KA1 and KA2, you can expect a clean, smooth, evenly balanced sound signature that offers high resolution in unadulterated form. If you’re a serious audiophile, and want to opt for a balanced connection, the FiiO KA2 is a great option. Simply hook up a 4.4mm balanced cable to your favorite IEMs and you’ll have a perfect on-the-go solution for your new Android phone.

You can buy the FiiO KA2 at Audio 46.

FiiO KA2: Best Dongles for Oppo Find X5 Pro

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