Best Wired Headphones For The Samsung Galaxy S24

Every time a new smartphone is released, my first thought is always if we’ll finally get to see the return of the 3.5mm headphone jack. Unfortunately, the new Samsung Galaxy S24 continues this tradition of forgoing a headphone jack, forcing you to use a USB Type C dongle or Bluetooth headphones. There are also USB-C earbuds that you can use, which you might find preferable to buying adapters. Here are some Type C earbuds that I would consider pairing with your new Samsung Galaxy S24.

Best Type-C Earphones for Samsung Pixel 8 are made by Strauss & Wagner

Strauss & Wagner EM8C

One of our favorite Type C earbuds is the EM8C from Strauss & Wagner. These inexpensive earbuds provide a simple earbud design while delivering a sound that might surprise you. Musically, the EM8C has a large scope that you won’t expect, with a low end that has body and weight to it. You can expect good impact and clarity that will always play well with most genres of music. The EM8C also has a remote/mic that lets you control playback and talk on the phone, acting as an overall good companion for your phone.

Moondrop has the some of the best Type-C earbuds on the market for audiophiles

Moondrop JIU

Moondrop has a few Type C earbuds that might be appearing here, and the JIU is one of the best of them. It’s another inexpensive set of earbuds that shoot well past their weight limit. The JIU Is in the same style as Moondrop’s Chu model, which has a very solid casing made from zinc alloy. In terms of sound, the JIU brings some clean bass, with good detail in the highs. It provides a nice flavor of sound that is easy to digest, all while featuring good separation and imaging that individualizes specific instruments.

Moondrop May main

Moondrop May

One of the newest Type C earbuds to enter Moondrop’s catalog, the May is more like IEMs than traditional earbuds. Its shape and cable share a lot of familiarity with how higher-end IEMs are presented, including ones from Moondrop’s library.  What’s unique about the May is it’s one of the only wired USB C earbuds to feature its companion app. This app allows you to activate different presets that adjust the tuning of the earbuds to best fit your preference. These options vary from a custom parametric EQ to presets that are based on Moondrop’s other IEMs.

Questyle NHB15 main

Questyle NHB15(Type C Version)

I reviewed the iPhone version of these earphones, the NHB12, so if you need type C then the NHB15 is one of the best options you can get. This is a significant price jump compared to the other options on this list, but when you hear what the NHB15 sounds like it makes sense. This is a great mid-budget IEM regardless of its termination. Its sound has great depth, with a punchy bass and a tight treble that resonates smoothly.

S&W Lyss Cable

USB Type C Cables

If you already have a pair of IEMs you like, there are good cables you can get that terminate to USB Type C. Some of the brands I’ve mentioned in this article supply all different types of cables for USB C connections, with 2-pin and MMCX connectors. This includes the Struss and Wagner Lyss, which is a nice braided silver cable that pairs great with MMCX IEMs. Another great option would be the Moondrop Free DSP, which is another braided cable that is silver-plated. It can be used with IEMs that use a 2-pin connection.

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