Here are the Best Wireless Earbuds Under $200

Best Wireless Earbuds Jaybird X3

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It’s been two months since Apple released the audio jack apocalypse and while a Lightning jack to 3.5mm jack adapter is a quick solution, there is another. Here is a list of the best wireless earbuds under $200. Untether yourself!

Best Wireless Earbuds Under $200

Best Wireless Earbuds Beyerdynamic Byron BT

Beyerdynamic Byron BT / BTA

The first that ranks our list of the best wireless earbuds under $200 are Beyerdynamic’s Byron BT. These buds are of a simple aesthetic with a simple set-up to match. The Byron BT buds are linked to one another with a flat and lightweight neckband. This band also features the in-line mic and controller which you will use to pair the earphones with your smart device as well as navigate your playlist and take calls. The BT recharges with a microUSB to USB cable. A full charge gives the buds 7.5 hours of life. When it comes to sound expect balanced, clear, with a little oomph in the bass.

There’s also the more sophisticated big brother of the Byron BT called the Byron BTA. This set of earbuds features a three prong charging pad. This takes the charging hardware out of the tiny housings and into the in-line remote. The BTA provides the same signature and runs for the same amount of time as the BT. The Beyerdynamic Byron BT costs $99.The Byron BTA  costs $199.

Best Wireless Earbuds Klipsch R6

Klipsch R6

These earphones are an impressive make from Klipsch. They feature an over-ear hook design while the tips exhibit Klipsch’s patented oval-shape which are designed to reduce ear fatigue and background noise. The R6 is built with Bluetooth 4.0 technology, aptX, and AAC codecs. This helps to ensure CD quality audio without skipping. The housings hold 6.5mm dynamic moving coil micro-drivers. These drivers provide R6 users with clear mids, salient highs, and natural-sounding bass. The wireless buds are held together with a neckband equipped with a cinch clip to ensure a comfortable fit. Klipsch R6 retails for $149, but is currently on sale for $119 here.

Best Wireless Earbuds JBL Reflect Mini BT
Best Wireless Earbuds Reflect Contour Sport

JBL Mini Reflect BT / Reflect Contour BT Sport

The JBL Reflect BT and Contour Sport BT earphones are both great pairs of wireless buds and thus top our Best Wireless Earbuds Under $200 list. They are built with sweat resistant parts. The Mini Reflect BT holds an IPX of 4 and the Contour Sport an IPX of 5 so users can feel free to really pump the iron. Both possess a lightweight design, in-line remote and controller, and a 7-8 hour battery life. Not too shabby! Ergonomic ear tips fit both earphones. However, the real difference lies in the fit of the overall headphone. The Mini Reflect BT is a behind-the-neck design that hangs down from the ears while the Reflect Contour BT sport is an over-ear-hook design. The Reflect Mini BT and Reflect Contour BT Sport cost $99.95 so pick your poison!

Best Wireless Earbuds Jaybird X2Best Wireless Earbuds Jaybird X3

Jaybird X2 / X3

While there is a new make of Jaybirds emerging on the scene, we can deny the acclaim of the Jaybird X2. These buds are by far one of our faves when it comes to earbuds. They exhibit stellar sound (detailed and rich), a sweatproof exterior, durable frame, and a comfortable fit. The X3 is the more refined version exhibiting a slimmer build and flatter housings. So much so, the X3 can be worn with a helmet. Regardless, either would make an absolute fine decision. The X2 is available at some retailers for $74.99 while the X3 is $129.99 at

Best Wireless Earbuds Samsung Gear IconX

Samsung Gear IconX

If you’re thinking of going truly wireless, there are a number of options to choose from. However, side-by-side comparisons have helped me to determine Samsung’s Gear IconX may be one of the best out yet. The earbud provides the user with about 3.5 hours of use – a tad longer than Bragi Dash and what appears to be the industry standard of 2 hours. The IconX is built with an internal memory of 4GB which looks to be about 1000 songs. A companion app allows the user to monitor and track their vitals while touch controls allow for easy navigation of musical playlists and the ability to take calls. The buds can also be used independently of one another. Oh, and there aren’t any reports of exploding earpieces so I think we’re good. The Gear IconX is $199.

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