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We are lucky here at MajorHiFi. Today we received the new Beyerdynamic Aventho Wireless headphones. These headphones are modeled after the ever-popular T51i. However there are some very interesting differences-beyond simply being wireless. Today, I’ll get into it with this Beyerdynamic Aventho Wireless headphones review.

Beyerdynamic Aventho Wireless Headphones Review

In the Box

-Aventho Wireless headphones

-Audio cable (3.5mm to 3.5mm)

-Charging cable (USB A to USB C)

-Canvas, drawstring carrying pouch


Best Wireless headphones Beyerdynamic Aventho Wireless headphones



The metal headband of the Beyerdynamic Aventho Wireless is both durable and flexible. It is pretty light, and while I wish it was collapsible, it is still portable because its size is so manageable.

Beyerdynamic Aventho Wireless headphones headband


The earcups feel heavier than the original Beyerdynamic T51i, but this heaviness doesn’t feel overbearing. The earcups are still small have an “on-ear” fit. They freely swivel in all directions in their yolks. Additionally, the right earcup is touch sensitive for playback controls (volume up/down, previous/skip track, play/pause, etc).

Beyerdynamic Aventho Wireless headphones earcup


The earpads of the Beyerdynamic Aventho Wireless are pretty thin. As a result, and because of my particularly small ears, the headphones sometimes become uncomfortable. When I have the in the perfect position, they fit comfortably. However, when I listen for long durations, the positions inevitably shifts and I notice my ear hitting the earcup.

Beyerdynamic Aventho Wireless headphones earpad



The Beyerdynamic Aventho Wireless boast their high-resolution Bluetooth codec support: aptX HD, AAC, and Bluetooth 4.2. Additionally, the battery has a nice long life of 20 hours. I didn’t test this length but I believe Beyerdynamic and it is quite standard for playback to last 20 hours on newly released wireless headphones these days. Lastly, the charging time is impressive because 2 hours of charging yields 20 hours of playback.


Sound Personalization

Mimi Hearing Technologies created software to adjust the sound of headphones to your own ears. Beyerdynamic incorporated this technology into their MIY App. I calibrated my set to my own ears. First the app had me enter my age. Next it tested my ears with a series of beeps, in first my left ear and then my right ear. The test lasted about 5 minutes.

I experimented a little bit with the age setting. It seemed to me that a younger age yielded a more bass-heavy sound, whereas an older age yielded a brighter, more high-mid focused sound.

Once the test was complete and my sound was calibrated, the intensity of the new sound could be mixed in with the original by setting its percentage from 20% to 100%.

Beyerdynamic Aventho Wireless headphones MIY App Mimi

Sound Watching

The MIY App stores data about your listening habits which you can access. This part of the app informs you if you’re listening too loudly or if it’s okay to turn up the volume a bit.

Beyerdynamic Aventho Wireless headphones MIY App Sound Watching


Because the sound profile changes based on your own personal preferences, I’ve split my sound review into “Flat” which is the unaffected sound of the headphones and “My Personalization” which reports how the personalization feature (set to 100%) changed the sound. Then, I could choose for the two to be mixed together to make the effect less intense.



I’m impressed already with the musical quality of these Beyerdynamic Aventho Wireless. They’re detailed, but not analytic at all. A boost at 30 Hz gives delicious subbiness to hip-hop, EDM, and pop. Additionally there is a boost at 100Hz which feels punchy for rock, yet clear enough for jazz, orchestral, and anything else that relies on a tight, clear low end. The low end is accented but it isn’t over-the-top. Rather, it is just kind of fun and musical.

My Personalization

After the personalization, the headphones moved the 100 Hz boost to 60 Hz.  It still sounded good on all genres, but I did find the low end to be a hair cloudier than before. This would definitely be a case where using a lower percentage of intensity would make the sound better.



Overall the midrange feels a bit scooped. There is a broad cut at 600 Hz, and as a result, heavy electric guitars feel a little bit thinner than they would otherwise. Additionally, a frequency cut at 2 kHz, combined with a frequency boost at 5 kHz, makes the body of vocals sit lower in the mix while the crispy, airy part of the vocal sits a bit higher in the mix. This sounds particularly good on hip-hop and female vocalists, while it sort of hinders male vocalists.

My Personalization

Immediately I noticed some body come back into electric guitars, although after some inspection, the frequency cut at 600 Hz moved to 700 Hz. Hm.. interesting. Additionally, there seemed to be a more dramatic cut in th vocal range, from about 1.5 kHz to 3 kHz. In that sense I liked the “flat” version better, however, it actually sound quite nice adjusting to a lower intensity.



The high frequencies feel natural. They are relatively balanced and have nice frequency extension. A broad boost at 9kHz gives cymbals and stringed instruments a little extra attack and detail.

My Personalization

There is a cut at 7 kHz, the same boost at 9kHz, plus a boost at 12.5kHz. The 12 kHz boost makes the high end louder in general, but also makes it feel a little bit more intimate and sweet.


The Beyerdynamic Aventho Wireless headphones don’t have a great sense of depth. It is partially due to the Bluetooth connection, because when I listen to them wired a little bit more dynamic detail returns. However, in general, there isn’t a remarkable depth to them. They aren’t particularly wide either. They’re mostly average, although when I listen via My Personalization, I gain a little bit of width in some tracks. I wonder if it is because of the high frequency boost at 12.5 kHz. Lastly, both listening configurations have a nice, tall sense of height.


The Beyerdynamic Aventho Wireless headphones are a lot of fun! They have a lively low end and a shimmery high end. They work with all the genres I tried and I was impressed at their versatility. The personalization aspect is interesting and fun to play around with, however, even without it the headphones sound good. I would recommend them to anyone wanting a high quality, musical set of wireless headphones. A lively sound signature, rather than accuracy is their strong point.

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TRANSMISSION TYPE: Wireless via Bluetooth
REMOTE: remote on earcup
CONSTRUCTION: Supra’aural (on-ear)