Beyerdynamic Byron BT Review

While the Byron BTA might be the king of wireless earphones, the Byron BT is a great deal for those not willing or able to put in the extra cash. While having major cosmetic differences, the sonic differences between the earphones are more minor. The BT like the BTA is solely for listening and not for workouts which is why they sound better than similarly priced wireless models.

Beyerdynamic Byron BT Review

While it isn’t always easy being the middle child the Byron BT has it’s own identity in the Byron series. By being the entry level wireless model from Beyerdynamic it gets a lot of attention for its attractive price of $100. By being a non-sport earphone their engineers have been able to pack more tech into the earphone than similarly priced models. With the release of the iPhone 7 people have been frantically looking for good wireless earphones and with Beyerdynamic you can’t go wrong.


The earphone shell is a plastic mold that has been finished in a metallic silver. The ends of the earbuds are magnetic which makes keeping track of them around your neck easier and more efficient. Unlike other magnetic wireless earphones by clipping them together from the magnets it has no effect on their power state, looking at you Bang & Olufsen. Unlike the BTA the BT uses a micro-USB cable to charge the earphone.

Battery Life

There is no battery life difference between the BT and BTA with both coming in around 7.5 hours of playback. Were getting to a point where more wireless earbuds are coming with around an 8 hour battery life there are still plenty of high end models that have less battery life than the 7.5 hour BT. The earphone charges completely in 2 hours which is pretty quick as far as recharging goes.

Sound Quality

While I have praised the BTA in being the lone pillar shouldering the future hopes and dreams of wireless earbud technology, maybe I slightly exaggerated, the audio quality the BT has left me pleasantly surprised. While not having quite the deep extension or upper reach of the BTA the BT is still showing the whole picture. A strong feature of the Byron BT is that it experiences very little shutterning when listening to music. Of note is that Beyerdynamic is serious about their chose the correct ear tip size note left on the earbuds.

Low End

While still having a strong and present low end which extends lower than most earbuds dare to go, there is a good amount of detail and power to the low end. The ear phone has a warmer sound quality because of the low end power that extends into the mid range.

Mid Range

There is a good amount of presence in the earbuds which makes it sound a little more even than in the BTAs because of the toned down bass. Strings have a good rich sounding mid range that extends into the high end. Vocals and guitars come off full-bodied and strong.

High End

The high end is a little more sharp than in the BTAs which gives some vocals extra silibance and can make some cymbals sound a little brittle. There is a good amount of extension in the upper end but it isn’t as taimed in this model than the other. Some recordings show it more than others but it isn’t as bad as other high end models.


Coming off a little flattened and shallow because they are earbuds and Bluetooth. There’s a large sense of being “in your head” with most of the stereo material. There is good separation between instruments frequency wise but the spacing isn’t anything special.

Tech Specs

Transmission type Bluetooth 4.1
Headphone frequency response 10 – 23,000
Nominal sound pressure level 90
Remote Universal 3-button remote
Construction In-ear headphones

Overall Impressions

The Byron BT is a great sounding wireless earbud that has a lot to offer at it’s price range. While most of the in-ear wireless market as been taken over by sport models is nice to see companies making more traditional earbuds, especially with some companies like Apple removing their 3.5mm headphone jacks. It works well in many genres while shining more in bass driven music than others.


If you’re not in the market for a sport-ware earphone then the Byron BT is a really good one to keep in mind. There are a lot of wireless headphones in this price range that have some great features and sound quality, but I feel like Beyerdynamic’s wireless models stand at the top in their respective price ranges. If you want more models to explore around this price range the Mee Audio X7 Plus and Audio-Technica CKS55XBT are two other models to keep in mind.

They are available at Amazon Byron BT Bluetooth, wireless in-ear, Black (718386)

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