Beyerdynamic CUSTOM STUDIO Headphone Review


In my search for the perfect studio mixing headphones I came across the Beyerdynamic CUSTOM STUDIO model and decided to give them a try. Beyerdynamic also boasts that these headphones have a CUSTOM STUDIO Sound Slider allowing the listener to switch from a linear to vibrant bass frequency response. But is this just a gimmick or is it a truly useful feature? And are they worth the over $200 price tag? Let’s take a look.


The overall design of the closed back CUSTOM STUDIO headphones is solid. Pulling them out of the box they feel well made and command the respect that Beyerdynamic users have come to expect. They’re a bit lighter than the recently released AMIRON HOME but Beyerdynamic definitely had comfort in mind when designing them. The CUSTOM STUDIO also have an interesting feature where you can customize your headphones with covers and headpads designed to show off your personal style. There’s even different colors and designs to choose from. Initially this sound a bit cheesy but in taking a look at the possibilities of even using a design of your own it doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. Even mixing engineers like to have a little personality once in a while. One other interesting option is that you can get a cable with microphone and controls for your mobile device or even a Gooseneck microphone for use in the studio control room as a talkback mic. Sold separately of course.


One of the first things I noticed about the Beyerdynamic CUSTOM STUDIO headphones is they have only 80 Ohms of resistance making them great for listening without the assistance of an additional amplifier. This is a plus for me because mixing these days requires not only listening on your professional equipment but also listening to your mixes on various mobile devices. I also tend to use the same headphones for mixing and casual listening because it helps me get a reference of my favorite music which is essential when trying to get a particular sound.

In trying out the CUSTOM STUDIO Sound Slider I found it to be quite useful at the third setting. It’s just a little punch in the low end for an enjoyable listening experience without getting muddy or out of control. And having the option to flatten the frequency response it an added bonus because although I mix a lot of music I’ve also worked on vocal only programs. And having a flat reference is priceless when mixing any type of audio because you always want to make sure you’re not pushing the low end too much just because it sounds good in the headphones or on you’re reference monitors. As for the high end frequency response the Beyerdynamic CUSTOM STUDIO headphones proved crystal clear and quite impressive.


Considering how expensive a pair of headphones can be these days it’s really a treat to see that the Beyerdynamic CUSTOM STUDIO headphones for studio mixing can currently be found for around $200 – $250. It’s a bit on the high end of what I could personally spend but definitely within reach.


Taking a final look at the CUSTOM STUDIO headphones from Beyerdynamic I’m quite pleased overall with the quality of the design, the sound and the price. And the ability to customize the overall look of your headphones is an appealing concept at a time when many headphone companies are trying to break away from the standard black, white or grey color options. All around, the Beyerdynamic CUSTOM STUDIO are an incredibly good sounding pair of headphones designed for long hours of casual listening or serious mixing with the option to personalize that stays within a reasonable budget. I highly recommend checking them out yourself.


  • Transmission Type – Wired
  • Design – Closed
  • Impedance – 80 Ohms
  • Frequency response 5Hz to 35kHz
  • Nominal SPL – 96dB
  • Construction – Circamaural (around the ear)
  • Cable – Detachable (various available)
  • Net Weight – 287g

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