Beyerdynamic Reveals New Speaker For Their Space Series

Beyerdynamic is a name that is known for its pro-quality gear, particularly its headphones. They released their first portable speaker around a year ago, and now they’re looking to follow it up with a new addition. The Space Max is a new speakerphone built for medium-to-large meeting spaces. SPACE MAX’s full-duplex audio quality takes digital meetings to an even higher level. Whether in a large conference room, huddle room, or personal office, the new Beyerdynamic SPACE MAX is the perfect hands-free, premium plug-and-play audio solution that meets the needs of modern work.

Enhanced Conversation. Untethered Flexibility
Leveraging decades of microphone expertise and the revolutionary 360° SMART MIC TECHNOLOGY, Beyerdynamic SPACE MAX guarantees maximum speech intelligibility and freedom of movement during phone calls or meetings with up to six participants. For larger conferences, two Beyerdynamic SPACE MAX devices can be connected using the Conference Cascade mode, accommodating up to twelve participants.
The 360° SMART MIC TECHNOLOGY automatically detects voice or noise signals and effectively suppresses unwanted reverberation, echo, or feedback, setting new standards for echo cancellation. beyerdynamic SPACE MAX intelligently adjusts voice volume to ensure harmonious conversations, while the full-duplex capability allows participants to speak and be heard simultaneously, maintaining a natural conversation flow.
Unmatched Performance. Uncompromising Reliability
Beyerdynamic SPACE MAX offers unparalleled compatibility, effortlessly connecting to laptops, smartphones, or tablets via USB or Bluetooth® with plug-and-play convenience. It includes crystal-clear communication and the highest voice quality for online meeting platforms. Android device pairing is expedited with Google Fast Pair, and the included USB cable and USB-C to USB-A adapter cater to various connection types. For extended compatibility, an optional USB WL adapter is available to enhance compatibility between the speakerphone and communication apps.
Stylish Design. Advanced Technology
Beyerdynamic SPACE MAX stands out with its captivating contrast of matte surfaces and high-quality antibacterial textiles. Its illuminated LED panel provides intuitive operation and access to essential functions during calls or media playback. With IP64 certification, Beyerdynamic SPACE MAX ensures protection against dust and splashes. Crafted with exceptional manufacturing quality and premium materials, the speakerphone becomes a durable companion, with easily replaceable parts for cables, control components, and the battery, if needed. And, the integrated Kensington lock ensures theft protection, so you can leave the speakerphone in your office space with peace of mind. Additionally, the speakerphone offers software features adapted to office life, such as Business Mode, which prevents unwanted connections with nearby Bluetooth® devices.
The Beyerdynamic Space Max is available from their website for $399.

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