BLON X Z Jojo Review

BLON X Z Jojo Review

I’ve checked out a few IEMs from BLON before, and they’ve been pretty consistent. They’ve mostly offered budget IEMs that you don’t need to think too much about, and just enjoy their value. The lastest model from them is the fifty dollar Jojo, which is a partnership between BLON and Z reviews. Is it more than just another inexpensive ChiFi IEM?

BLON X Z Jojo items

What You Get

  • Jojo IEMs
  • 2-pin 3.5mm cable
  • 3 sets of S/M/L ear tips
  • Drawstring pouch
  • User Manual

BLON X Z Jojo single

Look & Feel

For the price, the Jojo offers and interesting design. It’s similar to other IEMs, like Sivga’s recent sports line for example, but the Jojo has more pizazz. The outer shell has a stylish light blue coloration, with a gold-plated logo on its surface. This makes for a very aesthetically pleasing design, supported by a cable that also has a sleek blue coloration. This metallic housing is small enough to fit comfortable in your ears without causing any unnecessary pressure.

BLON X Z Jojo cable


The Jojo uses a 10mm dynamic driver, supported by a composite membrane. It uses a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, and can be driven from any headphone output.

BLON X Z Jojo pair


It’s easy to be surprised by inexpensive IEMs with a bit of width to it, but I’m happy with what the Jojo brings here. A lot of ChiFi IEMs give you a line of stereo imaging that spans left to right better than most earphones you can get for fifty bucks, but usually the imaging is quite linear. The Jojo has a bit more depth to it, using more of the stereo environment to carve out more dimension in the soundstage. You get this with the Jojo’s layering ability, as it’s able to communicate sounds with better distance. This opens up the headspace quite a bit, and keeps the sound signature from feeling too inside of your own head. It doesn’t quite encompass your head completely, but the Jojo does a good job delivering a satisfying bubble of sound.

Low End

These earphones have more than enough bass tone to go around. The Jojo presents thick frequencies that have a significant bloom to them. They are given a ton of drive, and are able to engross most of the sound signature with its large scale. Each sound elements has at least a lining of bass tone that lifts their performance, but also overinflates it. There’s no clear shape to the bass, but it supplies you with enough layers of texture to enrich the timbre.


With a bass dominant sound signature, it’s surprising that the mids don’t take as significant of a hit. Sure, they’re definitely undercooked and lack weight, but there’s still some respectable clarity here. It still does the bare minimum though, and only outputs a simplistic surface level of midrange fidelity. Everything is very relaxed, but nothing is put too far in the background.


The high frequencies aren’t given a ton of room to do anything significant in the sound signature. Like the mids, the timbre lacks drive and resolution, but has its spurts of satisfying clarity. There is some semblance of height here, and even manages to give off a noticeable tail with some texture to it.


For a fifty dollar set of IEMs, the Jojo is as simple as they come. If you like a lot of bass, then you should find the Jojo enjoyable enough, and it’s enhanced a bit by its good soundstage and imaging. It shows its flaws in the mids and highs though, even when the response is still easy to digest. You can’t complain about much for the price, and the build of these IEMs is definitely more than what you’re probably asking for.

Pros Cons
  • Wide soundstage 
  • Good imaging
  • Explosive bass
  • Beautiful design 
  • Good cable
  • Price
  • Weak mids
  • Dull highs 

The BLON X Z Jojo is available at Audio46.

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