Borofone BE10 Wireless Earphone Review

Borofone BE10 wireless earphone review

A very different looking earphone came across my desk today. It’s called the Borofone BE10 2-in-1 Innovative Wireless Earphone. The Borofone BE10 is a combination of wireless earphones and a sophisticated looking headset for phone calls. I’m about to take a look and see if it sounds good and has a true user-friendly design.

In The Box

In the box with the Borofone BE10 you’ll get…

  • BE10 Clever Two In One Wireless Earphone
  • user manual
  • charging cabe
  • eartips S,M,L
  • mono earphone adapter
  • storage case
Borofone BE10 wireless earphone - in the box
Borofone BE10 wireless earphone – in the box

What’s the big idea?

The Borofone BE10 wireless 2-in-1 earphone is a unique idea that combines Bluetooth earphones with a mono earphone headset. The headset is the main Bluetooth unit while the earphones can be attached and detached depending on how you want to use the BE10. When you’re using the earphones, the headset rests on a micro USB dongle wired to hang around your neck. And when you’re ready to just talk on the phone, the headset comes off and goes in your ear (with the help of a handy ear hook) so you can make and take calls. So far it seems like a pretty cool idea.

Pairing and Connectivity

Pairing up the Borofone BE10 was quite easy. Using the power button on the headset I got the BE10 wireless in pairing mode quickly and paired it with my smartphone. Whether you’re using the earphones or or just the headset you’re always connected.

The Fit

The Borofone BE10 is an odd looking design but I’m open to new ideas. The cable that connects all the pieces actually crosses over to form a loop around your neck. Once it’s on it’s just hanging there out of the way for the most part. The headset hangs like the jewel of a tech-necklace. The earphones themselves have a fairly ergonomic in-ear fit. The silicone eartips come in 3 sizes and seem to do the job.

The mono headset pops off and fits on a special earpiece (which you’ll need to keep handy). From there you can go instantly to talking on the phone hands-free.

Borofone BE10 2-in-1 wireless earphone
Borofone BE10 2-in-1 wireless earphone

Earphones: The Sound

I didn’t see any specific frequency range on he Borofone BE10 wireless earphones but I can give you a good idea.


The Borofone BE10 did pretty good in the bass department. I’m actually a little surprised. From the sub-bass tracks of Desiigner to the tight bass you’ll find in a Rage Against The Machine song the BE10 wireless did a pretty good job.


The mid-range is where the BE10 wireless really kicks in. I found it excelled in most modern rock. From post-punk grunge to indie the Borofone BE10 was really fun to listen to. There were some tracks here and there where the mids felt like they might be tweaked a little too hard but I think most people would like this overall sound signature.


The highs seemed tapered at about 16kHz to 17kHz which is fine by me. The only time I dislike the highs on an earphone is when they’re turned way up. Overall I had no major complaints.

Headset: The Sound

Deciding who to call was more difficult than actually giving the headset a proper test. After calling a few friends I can say the BE10 headset did an excellent job at picking up my voice and rejecting a lot a background noise naturally. The extending portion of the headset brings the microphone closer to where your voice is which makes it easier to pick up your words. The voices on the other end of the phone call were also relatively clear.

Borofone BE10 Wireless Headset
Borofone BE10 Wireless Headset


The Borofone BE10 wireless earphone is a brave and innovative design that I think a lot of people would enjoy. The target user here is anyone who wants to have a good sounding earphone with proper noise isolation but also spends a lot of time on the phone. The BE10 headset is great for business or personal calls and it leaves you hands-free to go about your day. As always, you’ll lose a little bit with Bluetooth codec sound but the BE10 earphone keeps an excellent connection and sounds quite good.

Borofone BE10 Wireless Earphone is available now via Kickstarter.

Crowdfunding Disclaimer: If you’re investing in a prototype hosted on a crowdfunding platform like Kickstarter or Indiegogo, be wary. Not all projects hosted by crowdfunding platforms come to fruition. Before making a purchase you should read the FAQs of the hosting platform as well as our article on the risks associated with investing in a crowdfunding projects.

Borofone BE10 Wireless Earphone
Borofone BE10 Wireless Earphone


Bluetooth Version: V4.1
Support Bluetooth Profile: A2DP、AVRCP、HSP、HFP
Bluetooth Working Frequency: 2.4GHz-2.48GHz
Battery: lithium battery 3.7V, 50mAh
Music Time: About 3 Hours
Talk Time: About 4 Hours
Charging Time: 2 Hours

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