Bowers & Wilkins Announce PX8 Flagship Headphones

Bowers & Wilkins, the renowned British premium audio brand, has launched its new flagship wireless headphone, the Px8. The new model sets a new reference standard for sound, build and finish in the active noise canceling wireless headphone category.
The heart of the Px8 is the same active noise canceling wireless platform found in the Px7 S2, already one of the best-sounding headphones in its class. In Px8, that stellar performance is taken to even greater heights of detail, resolution, and spaciousness thanks to all-new bespoke 40mm Carbon Cone drive units.

Inspired by the Carbon Dome drive units used in Bowers & Wilkins’s highly successful 700 Series loudspeaker range, the Px8’s new Carbon Cones deliver an unparalleled combination of ultra-fast response plus exceptionally low distortion throughout the frequency range. The result is resolution, detail, and timing that surpasses the high bar set by the Px7 S2.

The Carbon Cone drive units in Px8 are carefully angled inside each earcup to ensure a consistent distance relative to the listener’s ear from every point across the surface of each driver, to produce a more immersive and highly accurate soundstage. The result is the best sound quality Bowers & Wilkins has ever delivered from a pair of wireless headphones.
The new headphone is available in two finishes, black leather or tan leather, and now has a cast-aluminum arm structure that references Bowers & Wilkins’s signature design language, plus a diamond-cut bright edge on each elliptical logo plate. The earcups, memory-foam cushions, and headband are trimmed in soft, luxurious Nappa leather for the ultimate, premium feel.
The Bowers and Wilkins PX8 will be available for $699 at Audio46.

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