Bragi Dash to Collab with Apple, Some Speculate

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If you have not already heard, Apple is expected to announce the details on their latest iPhone 7 during their annual conference Sept 7. Bragi Dash, a popular set of truly wireless earbuds launched via Kickstarter, recently stated they too have an announcement to make.

Bragi Dash to Collab with Apple, Some Speculate

The Germany-based company released a flier advising they have “Big News” and it will come two days before Apple’s. They will also plan to dish the deets while in Cupertino.

I don’t know about you, but there is a lot I can draw from the few common denominators in this situation.

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Apple often alternates between announcing new Apple designs and incremental improvements from year to year, explains Business Insider. This year, Apple users can expect new designs.

The most rumored fact concerning the next iteration iPhone is the loss of a 3.5mm jack and the use of a Lightning port instead. This means your headphones will need to either use a Lightning cable or have wireless capability (ahem, Bragi Dash).

Putting two and two together, I think there may be something here. Regardless, we will have to sit tight for the announcement to be made by Bragi September 5 at 10 a.m. in Cupertino.

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