Bragi The Headphone Shipping Immediately, Rejoice!

After a series of delays, Bragi The Headphone shipping date is finally set and it’s immediately. Rejoice!

The Munich-based company made the announcement – sort of – via YouTube with a 41-second 80s-themed promo detailing a few facts about The Headphone while the description box advised: The Headphone is shipping now.

Bragi The Headphone shipping date was initially set to December 1 meaning it would arrive in time for the holidays. But that was false. Instead, those customers received a Christmas card stating, “Season’s Greetings! Your headphone will arrive shortly. Sorry that your headphone is delayed. It will arrive soon. Until then… Enjoy a snowball battle. Happy Holidays!”

*insert my side-eye here*

The Headphone, for those who are unfamiliar, is a pair of truly wireless earbuds that are fashioned as a simpler and cheaper alternative to Bragi Dash. The minimal-looking earpieces skip the extra hardware for heart rate monitors, activity trackers, calorie counters, and so forth to support a longer battery life, cheaper price tag, and (hopefully) a better connection.

Bragi Dash was received with less than stellar reviews mostly owed to poor Bluetooth signal. Reviewers often complained of one earpiece (or both) losing signal once their paired device was placed in their pocket or a few feet away. Let’s hope for the best with this model.

The Headphone costs $149 while Dash costs a hefty $299. If interested in getting a pair head over to

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