Campfire Announces Satsuma And Honeydew

Campfire Audio is making its first entry into 2021 a big one. The popular IEM brand is releasing two brand new sets of earphones, the Satsuma and Honeydew. Unlike their last few releases, these IEMs seem to be made for a wider consumer base, with the Satsuma being priced at $199, and the Honeydew priced at $249. Let’s see what we can expect out of the Satsuma and Honeydew.

Campfire Audio Satsuma

The Satsuma uses a single full-range balanced armature that aims to deliver an accurate, midrange-focused timbre. A natural, clear, and balanced sound for guitars, keyboards, and vocals.


  • Balanced Armature Earphone Design
  • Driver Unit: Single full-range balanced armature+ Tuned Acoustic Expansion Chamberâ„¢(T.A.E.C.)
  • SPL: 94db @ 67 mVrmsearphone
  • impedance: 46.40 ohm @ 1K
  • Earphone Connector: beryllium copper MMCX
  • Acoustic Chambers:3d printed Solid-Body

Campfire Audio Honeydew

The Honeydew carries a 10mm custom built dynamic driver, with an LCP diaphgram. It seeks to produce a powerful performance with enhanced low-frequency characteristics for fans of modern pop, rock, hip-hop, and EDM.  Electronic artists, beatmakers, DJs, drummers, and bassists.


  • Driver Unit: Full-range 10mm dynamic driver
  • SPL: 94db @ 17.68 mVrmsearphone
  • Impedance: 17.44 ohm @ 1K
  • Frequency Response: 5Hz – 18kHz
  • Earphone connector: Beryllium copper MMCX
  • Acoustic Chambers: 3d printed Solid-Body

The Campfire Audio Satsuma and Honeydew are available now at Audio 46.

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