Campfire Atlas vs Campfire Vega Comparison Review

Campfire Atlas vs Campfire Vega Comparison Review

Campfire versus Campfire. My favorite kind of review. The Atlas is a new addition to Campfire’s talented family. It’s also constructed quite differently from the other models. Which one suits your ear and preferred genre? Let’s find out in this Campfire Atlas vs Campfire Vega Comparison Review.

Campfire Atlas vs Campfire Vega Comparison Review

FIT – Campfire Atlas vs Campfire Vega Comparison Review

The Vega was an easier fit for me. This is because the diameter of the tip is a little narrower on the Vega than on the Atlas. Already, the tip circumference on Campfire earphones are wider than on other brands. So, the Atlas was just too big to get a secure seal. However, if you have wide ear canals, this shouldn’t be a problem.

The Atlas, unlike the Vega, comes with no around-the-ear memory wire. Some people may prefer not having to bother with an around-the ear fit. But personally, I like the security of the memory wire.

DESIGN – Campfire Atlas vs Campfire Vega Comparison Review

Both earphones are very durable. However, the stainless steel construction of the Atlas will be longer lasting. The grill on the speaker, for example, is part of the steel body. On the Vega, however, the grill is attached as a separate piece.

The dynamic driver on the Atlas is 10mm, while the driver on the Vega is only 8.5mm. As a result, I’m expecting more oomf from the Atlas.

SOUND – Campfire Atlas vs Campfire Vega Comparison Review


We’ve got big lows on both headphones. However, the Atlas has a bigger, subby feel. The Vega is dryer and conveys more texture. Personally, I prefer the bass on the Vega because it’s more detailed. Although the Atlas has deeper lows, it resonantes a bit too much for me. However, some bass heads might prefer that subwoofer feel. But both sound fantastic when listening to pop and hip-hop.


The Vega has more balance, clarity and separation. The Atlas has emphasized upper mids, resulting in some harshness. Certainly, if you listen to a lot of rock, pop-rock or folk, you’re going to prefer the Vega.


I first played Whitney Houston to get a sense of the highs. The Atlas is slightly smoother with a more airy feel. The Vega is more transparent. You could hear more breathiness on the Vega. Moving onto Miles Davis, I got the same sense. The trumpet was a little rounder on the Atlas, while the Vega was more textured and detailed. Which one is better for classical? Hard to say. Listening to strings, the Atlas rolled nicely and was an easier listening experience. But the strings on the Vega had more clarity. At the end of the day it’s a personal preference.


The soundstage on the Vega and the Atlas are quite similar in width. Perhaps the Atlas is slightly wider. However, the Atlas has more depth. So, in terms of soundstage, the Atlas may be a tad superior.

SUMMARY – Campfire Atlas vs Campfire Vega Comparison Review

For clarity, even balance and rock n’ roll, go for the Vega. If you like subby lows and smooth highs, you’ll prefer the Atlas.

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SPECIFICATIONS – Campfire Atlas vs Campfire Vega Comparison Review

Campfire Atlas Campfire Vega
Frequency Response 5 Hz – 20 kHz 5 Hz – 22 kHz
Sensitivity 105 dB 102 dB
Impedance 19 Ohms 17.5 Ohms
Driver 10 mm 8.5 mm

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