Bass Heads, warm yourself by the Campfire Polaris! – Campfire Audio Polaris Audiophile Earphones Review

Campfire Audio has quickly become one of my new favorite earphone companies. I was so impressed with the Andromeda, that now, with the Polaris in hand, I’m curious to see how it performs. It’s about half the price of the Andromeda, and has less than half the drivers. It is also blue, not green. Hah! So how does this blue, delicious earphone sound? Let’s find out with this Campfire Audio Polaris audiophile earphones review.

Campfire Audio Polaris Audiophile Earphones Review

In the Box

-Carrying case-zips closed, hard case, wool inside

-Litz cable-MMCX connectors with Berylium copper

-4 pairs of Spinfit tips- xs, s, m, l

-3 pairs foam tips- s, m, l

-3 pairs silicone tips- s, m, l

-Cleaning tol

-Campfire Audio lapel pin

Campfire Audio Polaris Audiophile Earphones Best Earphones



I’m going to copy some words from my Andromeda review. Be aware, however, that the Polaris earphone’s Litz Cable is copper, not partially silver like the Andromeda earphone’s cable.

The cable included with the Campfire Audio Polaris is made by ALO Audio. It is a Litz Cable, which means it’s individual wires are insulated from each other. As a result, the cable has lower impedance than others.

Further investigation shows that the way the wires are twisted inside their insulation helps to minimize radio frequencies and other noise from getting in. It’s a short run cable, but the better signal to noise ratio, the better the sound will be, even if it isn’t necessarily audible.

Campfire Audio Polaris Audiophile Earphones best audiophile earphones

Driver Housing

The driver housing of the Campfire Audio Polaris is absolutely beautiful. Its body is made of anodized aluminum, and the lid is coated with ceramic Cerakote. The driver housings are made by 3D printing and feel durable, yet light.

Campfire Audio Polaris Audiophile Earphones Buy


The Campfire Audio Polaris is a hybrid style earphone. It has an 8.5mm dynamic driver and a single balanced-armature driver. However, listening to the Polaris, you might not assume it had different styles of drivers because the sound signature is so cohesive.

The dynamic driver benefits from 3D printed Polarity Tuned Chambers in front of and behind it. As a result, the driver can push more air, and the fun subbiness of these earphones prove the chambers do wonders for the low-end.

Likewise, the balanced-armature driver utilizes the same T.A.E.C. technology as the Andromeda. This Tuned Acoustic Expansion Chamber gives the Polaris high-end frequency extension that contributes to its overall level of detail and soundstage height.



The low frequencies are have nice, smooth, subby goodness. They’re not too over-emphasized but sit in a really good spot. There is a broad boost around 40 Hz. The matched left and right side provide even more clarity and impact which contributes to the overall emotional transcription of the earphones.


The midrange sounds a little bit scooped, with light cuts at 150 Hz, 600Hz, and 900 Hz. As a result, there is no muddiness, but a little bit less thickness sometimes. It’s most noticeable in thick electric guitars, bellowing cellos and heavy synth pads. The high-mids are a little bit crowded, but vocals still sit in a good place level-wise. Lastly, the midrange is very dynamic, which makes classical and jazz fun to hear.


The detailed and dynamic high frequencies of the Campfire Audio Polaris supply a good sense of depth to the earphones. Cymbals and vocal breath are detailed and have nice extension because of the T.A.E.C. The crowding in the high mids leaves the low-highs without a lot of space, but the extension gives the high frequencies more room to breath.


At this price point, the soundstage is actually really nice! There is subtle depth, especially in the low and high frequencies. The width is accurate and broad. Lastly, the height is nice and tall!

Best Earphones Campfire Audio Polaris Audiophile Earphones


The Campfire Audio Polaris is a stellar pair of earphones for $599.  They have a detailed and musical sound signature. While they have a little bit of high-mid frequency crowding, they work well for all genres of music! Audiophiles, rejoice!

The Campfire Audio Polaris audiophile earphones are available for the best price here:

Campfire Audio Polaris at Audio 46

Campfire Audio Polaris on Amazon

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Frequency Response: 20 Hz-20 kHz

Sensitivity: 97.5 dB/mW

Impedance: 16.8 ohms


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