CLIK Truly Wireless Buds with Voice Translation

These truly wireless earbuds have the ability to translate foreign languages in real-time in addition to playing music. Meet Mymanu‘s CLIK.

CLIK Truly Wireless Buds with Voice Translation

Travel is looking to be made so much easier with CLIK. This set of wireless buds will seamlessly translate up to 37 different languages for you in real-time – meaning you can hold a conversation, ask for directions, or conduct a business meeting with ease. CLIK is able to do so using its own embedded software and a companion app to enable live translation technology.CLIK Truly Wireless Buds

When ready to engage your smart buds in international communication, users simply generate a passcode via a companion app and invite a recipient to live chat. The recipient conforms the code and then selects their preferred language. Voila!

CLIK Truly Wireless Buds

Also, once live translation is activated, the user will be able to interact with people of all different languages without having to change any other settings.

CLIK’s Bluetooth 4.1 technology is used to pair with your device. Smart controls on the surface of the pearly-looking earbuds enable complete hand free control, including the ability to have text messages read aloud and notify you of incoming calls. A single tap will play or pause your music, answer a call, or check your notifications. A directional swipe will take you to the last or next track, as well as declining any incoming calls. Tapping and holding the sensor will activate the voice command feature.

CLIK Truly Wireless Buds

In addition, CLIK has been sculpted to comfortably sit inside the grooves of the ear. Ergonomic ear covers assist in making wider contact with your ears, reducing the pressure points and ensuring a reliable, comfortable fit. P.S. These ear covers are available in a number of different colors giving users the ability to personalize their new best friend.

When it comes to sound, the earbuds feature 3-way balanced armature drivers that resonate audio across a frequency range of 20-3,000 Hertz with enhanced bass.

At this rate, it sounds like CLIK will become your new BFF. With touch controls, music-playing abilities, live language translation, and a cable-less design it makes me wonder how I’ve been living without it up to this point.

If interested in snagging a pair head over to Kickstarter and pledge Mymanu’s campaign. A pledge of $167 will score you a pair of your own CLIK truly wireless buds.

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