Could Spotify’s Music Pro Be Their Long Awaited Lossless Tier?

It’s been about three years since Spotify announced that their streaming library was going lossless. A HiFi tier was initially spoken about in 2021, but soon after both Apple and Amazon introduced their lossless streaming tiers for no extra charge. Since then, it’s been constant speculation from Spotify on when they would continue with their HiFi plans. Now it looks like Spotify is getting closer to launching its lossless tier with rumors looming about its Music Pro plan.

History Of Spotify Going Lossless

There have been a few rumored iterations of Spotify’s lossless plan. In 2021, before even Apple switched to lossless, Spotify was planning a new tier that would introduce “Spotify HiFi.” After other popular music streamers beat Spotify to it, there was little word on when this new tier would be made available. Last year, there was talk about Spotify unveiling a new tier called “Supremium” that would finally enable lossless streaming. However, this tier was never released, and Spotfy’s streaming still caps at 320kbps.

Where Was Spotify Music Pro Discovered?

According to The Verge, a Reddit user uncovered “Music Pro” within the app’s code. This finding insinuates that Lossless no longer be its own tier, and should instead be offered as an option to existing ones. What caught our eye from this Reddit thread was the inclusion of “advanced mixing tools” and “headphone optimization.” These features could set Spotify’s lossless integration apart from its competitors. For now, we can only speculate what these potential features could be.

Recently, Tidal announced that they were reducing the price of their highest tier to 10.99. This brings most music streaming services that offer lossless audio around the same price. Originally, Spotify was planning to offer their lossless tier for ten dollars more a month, but maybe with Music Pro, they’ll finally catch up to their rivals.

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