Creative Aurvana Trio Triple Driver Earbuds Review

Creative Aurvana Trio Triple Driver Earbuds

Creative, known mostly for their affordable USB DAC-amps called Soundblaster, is taking on the in-ear monitor market with an economical triple driver. Can it fare against the competition nearly double the price? Find out in our Creative Aurvana Trio Triple Driver Earbuds Review.

Creative Aurvana Trio Triple Driver Earbuds

Out of the Box

Creative took time to invest in nice packaging for their $150 IEMs. The earbud housings are perched in a clear plastic box that looks rather luxe and has already got me excited for what else is to come.

Design & Fit

The earbuds are nicer than I expected. The exterior feels durable and isn’t covered in too much plastic. The exterior is also smooth. The frame has an interesting shape, but it isn’t one that I haven’t seen before. The frame looks bulky, but it fits quite easily and comfortably in my ear. Each earbud housing is ergonomically shaped which helps to provide a solid seal between your ear drums and your environment. Creative reports that the Aurvana Trio is able to provide up to 98 percent noise isolation. The earbuds are designed with an MMCX connection so the cable is detachable and able to be swapped out with a more premium make if you wish. The current wire situation involves a sturdy braided cable equipped with an in-line remote and mic for answering calls and switching back and forth between tracks. I just wish the controller was a little larger so it’d be easier to use. Unfortunately, this remote also lacks controls to adjust the volume.


The key feature of the Aurvana Trio is the hybrid triple driver system. It features two balanced armatures: one with a Super Tweeter to deliver detailed highs and the second supporting natural mid-range playback. The third is a dynamic driver to really deliver on the bass.


So, how does the Creative Aurvana Trio’s hybrid triple-driver system perform? It’s good. The bass is rich and solid providing a nice thumping bass line for songs that call for it. The mids are full of life. The highs are present and detailed. Overall, Aurvana Trio provides a clean and accurate sound with detail and warmth. To be honest, it is way better than I was expecting. Pair the pleasant sound signature with a comfortable frame and voila you’ve got your self a new companion in the Aurvana Trio. Grab your pair here.

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Weight 19 grams
Color Gun Metal
Frequency Response 5Hz – 40kHz
Cable Length 1.2m / 3.9ft
Cable Style MMCX Detachable Cable with Inline Mic and 1-Button Control

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