Customize Grado Ear Pads and Headbands with Beautiful Audio

Customize Grado Ear Pads and Headbands with Beautiful Audio
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Did you know you can customize Grado ear pads and headphones with your own personal touch? That’s all thanks to Beautiful Audio.

Customize Grado Ear Pads and Headbands with Beautiful Audio

While Grado’s wooden open-back ear cup, leather headband, and slim metal extenders are a signature of their brand, New Zealand’s Beautiful Audio company wants to give customers the opportunity to truly make the headphones all theirr own. Customers can choose from ear cups of either leather or merino fabric in colors including but not limited to blue, red, gold, silver, black and grey, and so many more colorways.

Beautiful Audio’s products look to target comfort, durability, and sound in regards to your Grado headphones. Their ear pads are deeper than Grado large headphones by 10mm and are made with leather and merino rather than foam. The cushions look very comfortable and soft. These ear pads are also open ended so users have the ability to switch back and forth between different types of pads. As for the headband, BA’s models are said to be more comfortable and durable by merely wrapping their 12mm memory foam lining around the entire headband.

While you may be skeptical whether aesthetically altering Grados will affect the headphones performance, Beautiful Audio says they’ve run some tests – many of which did result in some changes to the sound. However, they promise their products offer the following based off of their own heating tests performed by the human ear and without special instruments:

  • High frequencies remain intact, top end is not altered
  • Deeper and over-the-ear earcup provides a feeling of more isolation from the outside world
  • Mid-Highs lose at the most 1.5dB between 2 and 8kHz
  • Bass is punchy, fast, and full
  • Result is a well balanced frequency spectrum, with all the harmonics present

If you want to customize Grado ear pads or headphones and can spare a few dollars check out Beautiful Audio. Two ear cushions cost $115 and a new headband is $60. Check it all out in the Beautiful Audio shop.

Beautiful Audio has a refund policy that sounds pretty neat and worth trying. Customers are able to test their made-up Grados for a month with the new pads and headband. If they don’t like the result they can be returned to the company for a full refund. Though, customers will have to pay for shipping back to New Zealand.

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