Customize your listening experience with EVEN H1 Over-Ear Headphones

Customize your listening experience with EVEN H1 Over-Ear Headphones

A few months back we told you about the headphone company EVEN and their flagship earphones that allow you to customize your listening profile. Well EVEN is at it again with the H1 over-ear headphones.

EVEN is a fairly unique headphone company because of their “EarPrint” technology which allows you to create your own listening profiles. The idea is that each ear is slightly different and the EVEN EarPrint technology allows listeners to set-up their profile in just 90-seconds using music tuned to certain frequency bands. Starting with the right ear, the EarPrint finder plays music in a higher frequency bandwidth slowly turning the volume up. Once you hear the first signs of music you’ll click the button to acknowledge you can hear it. The EarPrint finder is available online and you can even test it out online with your own set of headphones to see the difference it makes.

With the EVEN H1 over-ear headphones, listeners can enjoy the increased audio quality and sound isolation that you would get with any over-ear headphone combined with your custom EarPrint EQ for a total premium audiophile experience. The H1 headphone is perfect for mobile devices at only 32 Ohms and comes with a high-quality 3.5mm cable including inline smartphone controls and microphone. The H1 over-ear headphone weighs only 9-ounces, features 50mm Beryllium drivers and has a frequency range of 20Hz Р20kHz. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery (presumably for the EarPrint technology) will last you up to 9-hours.

The EVEN H1 over-ear headphone has a solid and stylish design and comes with a carrying case for travel and everyday use. Currently the H1 headphone is only available through the even headphone and rings in at under $200.

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