Dan Clark Audio Announce AEON 2 Noire

The former Mr. Speakers is releasing a new variation from their award-winning AEON line of headphones. The AEON 2 Noire is a closed-back headphone that offers a new voicing that aims to deliver a more energetic musical experience, with a stunning, all-black gloss finish.

AEON 2 Noire uses perforated ear pads to create a unique sonic signature with richer bass, airier midrange, and a more lively top-end than the classic AEON 2 Closed. While you can apply the perforated pads to an AEON 2 Closed to get the same sound, this popular tuning (which the New York Times said was the best sound under $2,000) is now available through AEON 2 Noire, right out of the box.

With a stunning high-gloss metallic paint, genuine carbon fibre, and an all-black finish AEON 2 Noire is quite an eye-catching design. Striking looks and a unique and exciting sound will make the new AEON 2 Noire a great addition to your headphone arsenal.
The AEON 2 NOIRE will be available for $899.99
Look for more on the AEON 2 NOIRE and more from Dan Clark Audio on their website here.
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