New Flagship Product – Dunu Falcon-C Earphones Review

Buy Dunu Falcon-C earphones review

Here at Major HiFi, we’re excited to take a listen to the new Dunu Falcon-C earphones. Dunu recently released this flagship product for $219.00. So how do they sound, and are they worth the price? Today I’ll aim to find out with this Dunu Falcon-C earphones review. 

New Flagship Product – Dunu Falcon-C Earphones Review

In the Box

-Hard-shell carrying box

-Ear tips- transparent gray (bright and clear), blue tube (balanced, soft, lively), and Spin-Fit (powerful bass and deep immersion)

-6.5mm adapter

-Airplane adapter

-Detachable MMCX cable

Best earphones Dunu Falcon-C Earphones Review


Driver Housings

As I first took the Dunu Falcon-C earphones out of the box, I noticed right away that the driver housings seemed strong and durable. They were made of metal, and this gave them a nice sense of weight. The size of the housings also worked well with my ears, and they were able to fit comfortably (although a bit cold because of the metal).

Dunu Falcon-C earphones best earphones


The cable included with the Dunu Falcon-C is great! It seems very strong, especially compared to other cables I’ve seen from them in the past. The cable has more isolation and a lower impedance than others, providing the earphones with more dynamics and an extended high frequency response. The cable split the silver-coated copper inside into fours, individually isolated each group of copper and then wove them together.

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While the driver housings and cables seem super durable, there is one downfall of the Dunu Falcon-C. The connector on the earpieces where the MMCX cable attaches has a thin pin. This is normal, and the case for all MMCX connections. However, because of the depth of the female side, there is little room for error when connecting the MMCX cable. So… if you plan on buying the Dunu Falcon-C, please be extra careful when attaching the cable. There are no guide marks on the housing or cable, so it is up to you to make sure you’re getting it right. Otherwise, the pin will bend and break.

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The Dunu Falcon-C earphones have nice bass extension. A boost in the sub frequencies gives kick drums extra energy, so rock, hip-hop, metal, pop, and anything else that would benefit from an energetic kick drum sound great! The low frequency dynamics was pretty impressive in an earphone at this price and therefore, even classical music felt thick and sounded good.


There was a little bit of cloudiness in the low mids of the Dunu Falcon-C. However, this cloudiness also gave energy to thick electric guitars, basses and synths. The middle mids were warm, yet had active dynamic detail, probably especially so due to the cable. There was a high-mid frequency boost that made vocals sit a bit louder in the mix.


The Dunu Falcon-C had very nice high frequency extension that sounded rich and natural. The highs had dynamic details although sometimes I questioned if they emphasized the highs too much for some genres (like jazz or bluegrass).


While the soundstage wasn’t overly emphasized in the Dunu Falcon-C earphones, they were able to produce an accurate sense of width and panning, and also have some room for depth if the mix tried to emphasize it. Also, because of its low and high frequency extension, it had a pretty long sense of height.

Dunu Falcon-C Earphones Buy best earphones


The Dunu Falcon-C is a great sounding set of earphones. At $219.00 they impressed me with their dynamic sound. I was disappointed by the build quality, specifically at the connection of the MMCX cable. However, the cable and driver housing seemed very durable, so if taken care of these earphones should last you a while.

The Dunu Falcon-C is available for the best price here:

Dunu Falcon C at Audio 46

Dunu Falcon-C on Amazon

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Transducer: 9mm carbon nano-tube driver

Frequency Response: 10Hz-40kHz

SPL: 108 +\- 3dB

Impedance: 16 ohms