Dunu Launches ZEN With Next Generation Drivers

A while ago, Dunu released the Luna, which introduced one of the world’s first and only pure beryllium foil dynamic driver in-ears. Now Dunu looks to innovate again with the launch of their new IEMs, the ZEN. The ZEN aims to build off the success of the Luna with the introduction of the ECLIPSE,  a next generation paradigm for dynamic drivers.

A magnesium-aluminum alloy dome with a specific W-shaped morphology serves as the centerpiece of ZEN’s 13.5 mm ECLIPSƎ driver and allows ZEN to transcend performance standards at its price point. Furthermore, it is coated via high temperature, filtered, pulsed cathode arc deposition with nanoporous amorphous carbon (nanoDLC).

With voicing cues taken from extensive feedback relating to LUNA, ZEN signifies the next step of evolution in DUNU’s tuning approach. Whereas LUNA utilized a very purist, traditionally-minded voicing philosophy, ZEN combines a series of response-shaping dampers in conjunction with DUNU’s proprietary Air Control Impedance System (ACIS). ACIS, a bass reflex technique first implemented in the DK-4001, helps reinforce bass frequencies below 100 Hz, providing ZEN with a robust sub-bass response that doesn’t bleed into other frequencies.

Usage-wise, ZEN continues DUNU’s tradition of bundling a premium cable with the convenient Quick-Switch modular plug system as well as a generous fit kit of different ear tips. ZEN’s designated cable is the DUW-03, an 8-core silver-plated copper cable first bundled with the Studio SA6, now finished with MMCX connectors. Aside from the standard 3.5 mm TRS single-ended plug, a 2.5 mm TRRS balanced plug and 4.4 mm TRRRS balanced plugs are also included.

The Dunu ZEN will cost $699.99 and is available to oder at Audio46.

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