[Updated] E3 2018 Gaming Headsets, Hot New Releases

E3 2018 Gaming Headsets, Dates, New Releases
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Friends, the industry trade-shows just keep popping up and just ahead is E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo. It’s a 3-day extravaganza based around the video game industry. The biggest video game event of the year draws thousands of industry professionals and gamers to the Los Angeles Convention Center to get first hand looks and feels on the most anticipated games to come. Make sure to return to this “E3 2018 Gaming Headsets, Dates, New Releases” article for updates!

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E3 2018 Gaming Headsets, Hot New Releases


This year, the gaming extravaganza will take place at the Los Angeles Convention Center from June 12 – June 14th.

New Releases:

Alienware launched a new wireless gaming headset that looks pretty sick! It’s got a geometric design with sweet LEDs on the ear cups. The headphone looks a little bulky, but Engadget promises the headphone is “actually quite lightweight.” The headset is designed with virtual 7.1 surround sound and delivers audio that is crisp and clear providing accurate playback of your virtual environment. The headset is also used with a companion app. It has a feature called  audio recon which aids in helping you pinpoint enemies and other hazards based on the sounds they’re making. Cool. There’s also a feature that allows users to allow you to adjust the EQ and the AlienFX lighting on the outside of the ear cups. Audio controls are built right onto the ear cups with a microphone mute button, a volume wheel, there’s also a button to switch back and forth between audio presets. The headphone is already on sale from $230 at Dell.

E3 2018 Gaming Headsets Alienware

Hyperkin, known for their gaming hardware development company, specializing in consoles and accessories for multiple generations of gamers, launched a new wireless headset that is actually a single ear piece. It hooks over your ear and projects the mic towards your mouth, but there aren’t any ear cups. There is a volume control and power button. Details are still to come on this little gem, but we will be sure to keep you updated.

Lucid Sound

LucidSound LS31

LucidSound took to E3 to unveil two new wireless headsets the LS31 and LS41. The two headsets are designed to provide an ultimate gaming experience without breaking the bank. Replacing the popular LS30 and LS40 Headset replace the top-selling LS30 and critically-acclaimed LS40 headsets adding a host of enhancements designed to deliver an outstanding audio experience for gamers. Both wireless headsets are designed to work with  Xbox, PlayStation and PC. They both now feature an over-ear oval ear cup design optimized for comfort and sound isolation as well as upgraded drivers and amplification to deliver accurate audio without distortion and a flexible boom mic for clear articulation.

LucidSound LS41

The LS31 Wireless Headset and LS41 Wireless Headsets differ in that the LS41 features surround sound, DTS Headphone:X 7.1 Surround Sound to be exact. It also supports a 20 hour battery life for super long gaming sessions. The LS41 is also equipped with an improved USB transmitter design which is now flexible, allowing for much improved placement when connecting to the host console.

Turtle Beach Stealth 300
(PRNewsfoto/Turtle Beach Corporation)

Turtle Beach launched two new headphones today at E3. With the explosive popularity of Fortnite, TB says their new Recon 200 and Stealth 300 are perfect for Battle Royale-style games as these two headsets are built to deliver “high-quality audio, crystal-clear chat, and unmatched comfort and durability that gives gamers the edge needed to ascend the leaderboards.” Both headsets are wired, by the way. Recon 200 is designed for use with Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile devices with a 3.5mm jack. It delivers amplified audio with enhanced bass over either system thanks to 40 mm drivers. There are also synthetic leather bound ear cups with memory foam. It supports 12-hours of gaming per charge, and features onboard controls for Master Volume, Variable Mic Monitoring, and for selecting between Xbox One and PS4. It is available in black or white and costs $59.95 in the fall. The Stealth 300 is built for Xbox One and PS4. It is designed with many similar features found in the Stealth 600. It features a metal reinforced headband, Turtle Beach’s unique ProSpecs glasses friendly design with memory foam ear cushions (woohoo for four-eyes), a flip-to-mute mic, and a 40 hour battery life on the wired headset. Stealth 300 will be made available this July for $79.95.

1MORE Spearhead VRX Gaming Headphones Featuring Waves Nx® Head Tracking Technology

1More will be on hand to show off their new gaming headphone, the Spearhead VRX. It features Waves Nx virtual reality 7.1-channel audio technology. This tech is said to be ground-breaking in that it revolutionizes 3D audio with the use of intelligent head tracking sensors to deliver an ultra-expansive sound stage with precise directionality and ultra-realistic sound.


While the primary focus of E3 revolves around new games, what’s just as important are gaming your essentials (i.e. your headphones). Many retailers will be in attendance to showcase their latest musings to the gaming community. In the weeks to come we will keep you updated and informed on the latest releases and exhibitors at E3 in June.

Looking to attend E3, grab your tickets here. Looking for info on 2017’s event, click here.

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Make sure to return to our article “E3 2018 Gaming Headsets, Dates, New Releases” for the latest updates.

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