EarFun Air Pro 3 Review

EarFun Air Pro 3 Review

The first time I checked out a set of earbuds from EarFun, I was pleasantly surprised by its quality. I liked the Air S a good bit, as I enjoyed its adjustable sound quality, ANC, and multipoint connection. Since checking those out, I have been waiting for what EarFun would do next, and now I have my answer in the form of the Air Pro 3. This is the latest set of ANC true wireless earbuds from the brand, and you won’t have to spend much for them. Let’s see how these eighty-dollar earbuds stack up.

EarFun Air Pro 3 items

What You Get

  • EarFun Air Pro 3
  • Charging case
  • Eartips
  • USB Type-C cable
  • Manual

EarFun Air Pro 3 single

Look and Feel

Like the Air S, the Air Pro 3 is a simple set of stemmed earbuds. Their style isn’t as basic as the Air S, but the design still keeps things pretty straightforward. The Air Pro 3 is a classier design aesthetically, with a longer stem and glossier surface. Its build is plasticky, but it matched the price it’s listed at. In terms of comfort, you should have any trouble wearing these earbuds for a few hours. They’re light, and fit in your ear naturally, and after a while you’ll forget they’re even there.

EarFun Air Pro 3 case

Design and Functionality

The Air Pro 3 sports a custom 11mm wool composite driver for improved detail. It aims to work in synergy with Qualcomm aptX Adaptive technology. Its output level isn’t bad for the price, and it gave me a comfortable loudness with good headroom. ANC here is just as strong as it is on the Air S, which is impressive for the price. There are 6 mics inside of the Air Pro 3, so the earbuds can properly process environmental noise for its ANC, ambient, and call features. You can use the same EarFun Audio companion app with the Air Pro 3, which gives you the same EQ and game mode features as the Air S.


With the Air Pro 3, you’ll get the latest version of Bluetooth with 5.3 capabilities. This effects range and bandwidth, but it also introduces the next gen LE Audio and LC3 CODEC, which focuses on mitigating heavy power consumption. The Air Pro 3 is labeled as the first pair of ANC true wireless earbuds to feature this CODEC. Across many hours, I was able to get a stable connection throughout my testing. I never experienced any dropouts or balancing issues.

Battery Life

You should get at least nine hours out of a single charge of the Air Pro 3, with a total of 36 hours when you include the charging case. That is a pretty sizable battery for eighty-dollars. The Air Pro 3 also has fast charging, offering up to 2 hours of playtime with just 10 minutes of charge.

EarFun Air Pro 3 pair


Most of the imaging here feels a little too closed off. The left and right channels bring a surface-level presentation of sound elements. They’re positioned competently but not in a very organized fashion. Accuracy is a bit hazy on the Air Pro 3, but not enough to affect your enjoyment. Its width is fair for the price, but spatially, the sound is quite linear. You won’t hear much depth conveyed here, but performances do stack on top of each other nicely enough. It’s an intimate soundstage that comes off as a little too basic, but supplies enough space to feel immersed in the stereo environment conveyed.

Low End

There are a lot of ways to enjoy the bass on the Air Pro 3 thanks to the in-app EQ. In its standard form, the Air Pro 3 still has the ability to invigorate the tone of the low frequencies. It possesses a solid body that establishes a present core to the sound signature. The bass consistently feels like the focus, giving these earbuds a considerable impact. With this timbre, I felt the least inclined to adjust much in the app. However, I did want to hear how much the EQ can add. If you don’t mind the bass taking up a majority of the sound signature then you can boost the low frequencies all you want. I ended up boosting the first node by a few dB, and lowering the second one just slightly. This gave me a bit of a clearer sound but didn’t sacrifice any of the hard punch.


A lot of the midrange frequencies feel overcrowded no matter how much you try to adjust them with EQ. The tone is very much overpowered by the drive of the bass and low mids. The response here isn’t anything out of the ordinary for the price, and it is strictly inoffensive to the sound signature as a whole. Vocals have a good presence though, and they cut through the busy frequency response surprisingly well.


Bass warmth and intimate sound staging doesn’t really call for an extension of treble. The Air Pro 3 wont add height or brighten up the sound signature, but they’re not completely missing from the sound signature. They’re just a bit soft in tone, leaving more room for the more prominent bass frequencies to showcase their power. With EQ, you get slightly more height added back to the response, which is heard mostly with vocals.


If you’re looking for a simple pair of bass heavy wireless earbuds for less than a hundred dollars, I think the Air Pro 3 is great. I think my personal experience better fit the Air S, but it’s still a tough comparison to make. They both have a fun sound with strong ANC, but the Air Pro 3 actually has much better controls. You can’t really go wrong here for the price, and they’re a good entry-level for those looking for their first set of true wireless earbuds.

Pros  Cons
  • Good ANC
  • Impactful bass
  • Responsive controls
  • Companion app
  • Stable Bluetooth connection
  • Good battery life 
  • Price
  • Bass overcrowds mids and highs 

You can find the EarFun Air Pro 3 on Amazon. Use the discount code AP315OFF at checkout for an additional discount (valid through February 17th, 2023).

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