Edifier W24OTN Review

Edifier W24OTN Review

If you know where to look, budget true wireless earphones are possible to come by. Edifier is one of the brands you may come by while searching for a pair, and I recently got the time to listen to their W240TN model, a $79 true wireless with ANC capabilities. I have enjoyed a few budget ANC earbuds so the W240TN has the opportunity to surprise me, but does it?

Edifier items

What You Get

  • W240TN earbuds
  • Charging case
  • 4 sets of tips (xs/s/m/l)
  • USB-C charging cable

Edifier single

Look and Feel

The W240TN has a great style for those just looking for something small that fits well. Its aesthetic build is quite nice too, with a singular design that sets itself apart from other true wireless earphones on the market. I could keep the W240TN in my ears for hours on end without needing to adjust them like they’re a natural part of your ear.

Edifier face up

Design and Functionality

With the W240TN you actually get an interesting interior design for a true wireless, with dual dynamic drivers 10mm and 6mms. A Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset is also part of its inside build. For its interactive aspects, Edifier has gone with a more simplified physical button on both earpieces. This method works effectively without any major delays. ANC is average for the price, ineffective with high-frequency noise, but okay with low-frequency noise. Like most newer Bluetooth products, Edifier has a companion app with many features, like dynamic sound mode, custom EQ, and game mode.


You can expect a stable connection here, with the W240TN supporting Bluetooth 5.3. No dropouts or interferences were noticed throughout many hours of testing.

Battery Life

I was pretty impressed to get as many hours of playback time as I did using the W240TN. You should be able to get a total of eight hours with these buds, and 7 hours with ANC in use. With the case added you should have an additional 25 hours, with only 10 minutes of charges affording you some extended playtime.

Edifier pair


It always impresses me when a set of inexpensive true wireless headphones can manage a well-organized soundstage. Nothing about it plays itself as performing beyond its price point. Stereo imaging is strictly traditional but effective in its presentation, showcasing concise placement of sound elements within an adequately wide sound field. Instruments and vocals are placed linearly from left to right with little to no depth and some aspects to the mix are easier to localize than others. For instance, vocals protrude forward nicely, but some background instruments have a tendency to bleed into each other. I don’t mind this type of response for some tracks, like Alternative or punk rock genres, but Jazz and film scores don’t receive the same structure.

Low End

For the most part, the bass has an engaging lift to it. It strikes with a smooth tone that can be fun, but the lack of sub-bass limits its engagement. Even with some boost from the EQ, the W240TN doesn’t quite extend as much as I thought it could. The bass here, plays with a more central response, placing the bass at a surface that provided nice texture but not enough slam.


The midrange doesn’t accomplish much aside from some surprisingly clear vocals. I was worried that the W240TN could delve too far into dullness, but that never happened throughout my testing. I think there are some good details here that deliver some surprising bite, especially with crunchy distorted guitars, and of course crisper vocals. Vocals take an immediate dominance in the sound signature, and the focus is warranted, especially with how cleanly they come through. It is definitely the most realistic timbre in this frequency response.


With the upper-midrange extension to vocals, comes a nice finishing touch in the treble range. The crisp elements of the W240TN are helped through EQ, but these earbuds also have natural details in their highs. There’s a great sizzle to vocals and instruments that adds color and grace to the sound signature. It adds height and never over-extends into brightness or harshness. Everything is played safe while still using treble details to add texture to the timbre.


For a $79 pair of true wireless earphones, you really can’t go wrong with the sound quality on display. Nothing about the W240TN will blow you away, but it isn’t meant to. What the E240TN is are a reliable pair of wireless earbuds with ANC and a fun, colorful sound. Battery life is also great for the price, and of course, the experience is enhanced through Edifier’s companion app. I’m excited to hear what Edifier can bring to the table in the future.

Pros  Cons
  • Good stereo soundstage
  • Clear response to vocals
  • Crisp highs
  • Companion app
  • Battery life
  • Stable Bluetooth 
  • Price 
  • ANC nothing special
  • Lacks sub-bass

You can find the Edifier W240TN on Amazon.

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