Effect Audio Announce Axiom And Axiom XP IEMs

Effect Audio has been a manufacturer of some of the finest IEM cables available today. Their first attempt at IEMs was the King Arthur at a steep price of $7000. Recently we spent many weeks of questioning the mysterious entity called the “X”, and it was finally revealed to be the relatively more affordable Axiom IEMs during a live stream that also showcased new branding and road-mapped new services.

Just like the live stream, the Axiom was fleshed out across three themes: “Sustainability”, “Versatility” and “Experience”. Within each of the three themes, the IEMs pack in a number of features for users to uncover and experience. These range from using recyclable materials, having a non-fatiguing reference-class sound signature and ergonomic features that promote extended usage.

Both IEMs feature a modular design called the MU (“Modular Unit”) system, with an interchangeable connector piece that allows users to connect either MMCX or CIEM (also known as “0.78mm 2-pin”) terminated cables to the IEMs. We believe that this is also the first passive IEM on the market to be packaged without a stock cable, as part of our new sustainability efforts for this decade.

Due to the lack of a stock cable, Axiom customers can look forward to a minimum of a 10% discount for every cable purchased with the Axiom, stretching up to 25% for either one of our three preferred pairings. For the launch period until early 2022, the Maestro, EVO10, and Cleopatra will be the first three designs to be offered under this “Preferred Pairing” arrangement.

As an IEM, the Axiom features oversized 12mm magnesium dynamic drivers and twinned Knowles balanced armature drivers for a hybrid, 2-way design. In addition, it also features a Hetian jade faceplate and a matte shell made from aluminum and titanium alloys. The Axiom XP goes further to include a polished shell and 12mm pure beryllium dynamic drivers. For our audiophile friends concerned about the sound, the target sound signature is to match that of most reference class IEMs available on the market.


Driver system: 2-way BA-DD hybrid

Drivers: 12mm magnesium dynamic driver with LCP suspension (bass, mids),
twinned FK-series Knowles Balanced armatures (high frequencies)

Linear Frequency response (-6dB): 20 to 16,800 Hz

Crossover frequency: 4,800 Hz

Crossover architecture: Proprietary RC architecture

Impedance: 32Ω @ 1 kHz

Sensitivity: 112 dB/mW @ 1 kHz

Weight (without cable): 10.2 g
MU System Modules: MMCX and CIEM (2-Pin)

The Axiom is available for $1,499 from Effect Audio, with the Axiom XP slated to release in early 2022 for $2,388.

Check out more from Effect Audio at Audio46.

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