[Deals] Father’s Day Gifts 2018 Headphone Guide

Father's Day Gifts 2018 Headphone Guide
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There are tons of dads out there and plenty of headphones to go around. As your go-to headphone mag we are excited to unveil our top picks for dad – whether he’s a traveler, big spender, or fitness fiend – we know what he’ll love. Father’s Day Gifts 2018 Headphone Guide is below and at your service. P.S. This guide will be continuously updated with the best Dad’s Day deals we can find.

Father’s Day Gifts 2018 Headphone Guide

The TV Buff (or TV Junkie)

If your pop likes to watch a lot of TV and movies but wants to find a means of watching at night without disturbing the family, this is the perfect solution. Sennheiser RS 175 is a sleek and comfortable model that provides deep and resonating bass for all those action movies he loves to watch. The set includes both a headphone as well as the receiver you connect to your television. To boot the receiver doubles as a charging dock for the over-ear headphones. This easy to set-up home entertainment system is ON SALE at $229.95 (Reg. $279.99) and it is available at the best price at Audio46. Use discount code “majorhifi” for a discount during checkout. This headphone can also be found on Amazon.

The DJ

If dad is known to set the dance floor on fire when he’s on the 1s and 2s, we definitely want him to have a headphone that can handle the rigors and demands of the life of the party. We strongly recommend Pioneer DJ HDJ-X10. This headphone delivers a balanced and neutral sound signature in a flexible, yet very sturdy frame. The ear cups easily rotate and the entire unit is water and sweat resistant. It’s $369 at Audio46 and Amazon.
The Traveler

Does dad travel a lot for work? Or maybe he likes to take you and the fam for vacay quite often. Either way, he needs a comfortable pair of headphones that can drown out the constant drone of an airplane motor. I highly recommend Sennheiser PXC 550. This headphone’s ear pads feel like pillows which make them ideal for those 15 hour plane rides. Users are able to adjust the noise cancelling level so if dad wants to make sure he hears when the stewardess calls for drink requests he’s able to do so. The headphone also has exceptional sound quality with clarity and detail across the frequency range with a little oomph in the low end. It all makes for a very pleasant listening experience. The PXC 550 is at a SUPER DUPER discount of $299.95 (Reg. $399.95) at Audio46. Use code “majorhifi” for savings during checkout. This headphone is also available at a competitive price on Amazon.

Since we are on the topic of Sennheiser headphones. The company is hosting a super sale. The HD1 Wireless over-ear headphones are marked down to a very very low price of $349.95 (Reg. $399.95). Use code “majorhifi” for savings during checkout at Audio46. The headphone can also be found at Amazon at a competitive price until June 9th.

Sennheiser HD1 Free is a wireless in-ear model modeled after the wired Momentums. The provide the signature Sennheiser sound in a very lightweight and portable frame with a 6-hour battery life. They are currently on sale for $169.95 (Reg. $195.95) at Audio46 and using code “majorhifi” will save you some cheddar. This bud can also be found on Amazon.

The Fitness Fiend

One of our top rated sports headphone models is actually an earphone. JBL Reflect Contour 2 Wireless earbuds features an over-ear-hook design as well as a sport fin to ensure your dad’s tunes are always pumping no matter the exercise – from cardio to weights, he’s set. These buds are also versatile and allow for your dad to remove the sport fin if needed. In addition, the buds sport an awesome extended battery life of 10 hours while most brands average 7.5-8 hours. Sweet! And of course, these buds are sweat and water resistant. He’ll love them and you will too at a $100 price point. They can be found at the lowest price at Audio46 and Amazon.

The Gamer

If your Papa is a gamer, he needs a state-of-the-art headset that is bound to astound. Audio Technica ATH-AG1X is a closed-back gaming headset that sports ginormous 53 mm drivers to deliver robust and rich sound with a thick low-end. Thanks to Audio-Technica’s core double air damping system (D.A.D.S.) the headphone delivers deep, resonating bass so you can hear that tank coming from over yonder and the footsteps of your other opponents. The headphone is pretty comfortable with a 3-D wing support design. The headphone is available at Audio46 and Amazon.

The Hipster (Who’s Really Into Vintage-Looking Product)

If you’re dad is in to artisan ish and retro-style products, but appreciates pristine sound, he can find that unique combo in Klipsch Heritage HP-3 headphone. It is a semi-open back headphone that is triple vented to provide truly balanced audio within a wide soundstage while retaining the low end. It also has solid-wood earcups, a cow-hide headband, and magnetic, removable sheepskin ear cushions. These perfectly hipster high-profile headphones are available at Audio46 and Amazon.

The Multi-Tasker

If you’re dad is kinda like White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, he’s going to need something that helps him run from one task to another. I suggest freeing up his hands with a truly wireless model. We highly recommend Sony WF-1000X. The unit sits in just the ear canal portion of your ear with the rest of the oval-shaped earpiece pointing towards your mouth, almost like a mic. It’s equipped with a sport fin which keeps the earbuds locked in place while he dashes from meeting to meeting. The buds support 3 hours of music playback and up to 9 hours play time with chargeable carrying case. As for sound, it’s got a punch bass line and overall lively and upbeat frequency range. Grab Sony WF-1000X for your father at the lowest price at Audio46 and Amazon.

The Astronomer (If Your Dad Has This Gig He’s Soooo Cool, BTW)

If your dad is super into astronomy (or cool shapes) he will probably be really into anything from Campfire Audio. But, I suggest the introductory Campfire Audio Comet with a tough yet sexy stainless steel body that looks unbelievably pristine. When it comes to sound, the single driver unit with a Litz cable equipped with a mic and cable, provides “deep and tight bass, lush, clear mids, and no compromise in the highs. Balance balance balance. Great transient response and sufficiently detailed,” as explained by one of our reviewers. Basically dad will love it and so will your wallet. Grab Campfire Audio Comet for $199 from Audio46.

Hope this Father’s Day Gifts 2018 Guide helps you find your father the perfect cans.

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