FIIL Carat Pro Earbuds, Stylish and Sporty

FIIL Carat Pro Earbuds

Update 12/21/2016: FIIL headphones have plans to unveil their super savvy wireless sport headphones at CES. FIIL Carat Pro earbuds will be located in the International Exhibition Hall Westgate #1214.

FIIL headphones are back after the wild success of their sleek, minimal over-ear headphones, DIVA, with an in-ear model for fitness fiends. Meet FIIL Carat Pro earbuds.

FIIL Carat Pro Earbuds, Stylish and Sporty

Sports buffs can get the most out of their workout – regardless of the type of workout – with Carat Pro diamond cut earbuds. Many fitness buds feature a fitness tracker, however it is intended for just running or cycling. FIIL Carat Pro has built their buds to accommodate up to 5 different sports activities including, running, biking, walking, yoga, and indoor training to ensure a better and more accurate read of your fitness stats. If you think about it, your running stride is quite different from your yoga stride. There is also a real-time audio coach built into the headphones with the ability to track the following activities: heart rate, time elapsed, speed, cadence, calories burned, total steps, distance traveled, and breathing. To boot, Carat Pro coach will give you information on the aforementioned statistics when you want them throughout your workout. The vitals taken during your workout are available to  view on the companion app on your phone.

FIIL Carat Pro Earbuds

FIIL promises their patented SDS technology built into the earphones will push you harder throughout your workouts. Created just for Carat Pro, SDS technology works based off of the speed of your workout. It produces corresponding beats and sound effects to keep you moving. This sound effect switches between bass and normal music levels with balanced treble and bass to move you through your workouts. For example, say you’re going on a run and turn on “Cold Water” by Major Lazer, Carat Pro will detect the pace you’re running at and turn up the bass for this song to pump you up and help you finish strong. When you slow down, the bass will slow down too to match your stride. So cool!!! Also, Carat Pro responds to voice commands.

When it comes to the build, the headphones are wireless and allow you to be completely free as the buds store up to 4GB of memory. That’s about 1000 songs. FIIL Carat Pro earbuds are both sweat and dust resistant, designed with an ergonomic ear tips, magnetic casings, and the ability to support a 9-hour battery life.

As for audio, FIIL advises the Carat Pro delivers audiophile sound delivered across a frequency response range of 15 to 22,000 Hertz on an impedance of 3 ohms.

FIIL Carat Pro earbuds can be yours at the Early Bird price of $169 via Kickstarter. Orders will ship to backers in June 2017.

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