Update: FIIL Diva Headphones, Wireless with 3D Sound

Update: FIIL Diva headphones has sucessfully completed their Kickstarter campaign funding over $171,858. Backers can expect to receive their headphones by November 2016 and beginning October 4 FIIL has  transitioned to Indiegogo’s InDemand platform to further raise funds for manufacturing.

Wireless headsets and earphones are all the rage as we become more technologically advanced and closer to the launch of a 3.5mm jackless iPhone. In that regard, launching August 30 on Kickstarter are FIIL Diva headphones, wireless with 3D Sound.

FIIL Diva Headphones, Wireless with 3D Sound

Diva headphones pride themselves on creating a clean, yet sexy product that sounds just as good as it looks. The ear cups are a solid color with the minimal-style “FIIL” logo featured on the outside. This logo actually lights up when the headphones are in use. The wireless cans are able to hold up to 4G of memory, just about 1000 songs, to provide you with a completely un-tethered listening experience. However, with the use of Bluetooth 4.1, Diva can pair with your cell or any other wirelessly capable smart device up to 33 feet away.

FIIL Diva Headphones

When it comes to fun features, Diva is equipped to handle smart controls and motion sensing. The headphones should stop playback when removed from your head and resume once placed back on. The ear cups are coded to understand various swiping motions across and around the outside to adjust the volume, answer and end calls, as well as switch back and forth between tracks. There’s also voice search which means you can tell Diva to find a song and play it. But, like most Divas, while pretty, the headphones are a tad “temperamental.” As explained by Engadget, “the motion sensing is finicky.” Engadget’s reviewer often found the headphones still playing music once removed from their head. They also added, much like the motion sensors the smart swipe controls take practice to master. And as for the voice commands, FIIL reportedly speaks out of turn on occasion.

FIIL Diva Headphones

However, when it comes to sound, FIIL Diva headphones are said to deliver – sounding both “bright and crisp.” Using FIIL’s patent pending technology, users can choose from four audio modes to maximize their listening experience. Active Noise Cancelling reduces ambient noise up to 96 percent. Monitor mode allows sound in through the external mic without lowering the volume while amplifying some exterior noises to keep you in tune with your surroundings. Open Mode enhances all the sounds in your environment while WIND mode reduces the noise created by wind and your headphones.

The FIIL companion app allows users to access 3D sound settings in the form of Hall, Theatre, or Living Room. The app also details the battery life and equalizer.

If interested in the pretty, but still tricky FIIL Diva headphones you can grab a pair on Kickstarter at the Early Bird price of $129.

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